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Zmuda firing protest march: Olympia to Seattle

by Shaun Knittel – SGN Associate Editor I’m going to march – for three days and nights – from Olympia to Seattle with co-organizer Mario Penalver, because we believe that love always wins. We believe that the Catholic Church – or any organized religion for that matter – should not be allowed to legally fire someone because they are married to someone of the same sex. While I am stopping short at calling for an end to organized religion and you won’t hear me say that Catholics are bad people (all of that would be hateful and ignorant) I will say that our goal with this visibility march is to get people to realize that yes, there is a separation between Church and state and that the Church, as it stands right now, can fire an employee for having a same-sex marriage, but that doesn’t make it okay. Not now. Not ever. It is always wrong to discriminate. You’ve no doubt, by now, heard of Mark Zmuda, the Eastside Catholic high school teacher who got fired b

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