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“Would You Rather…? ” And also other Random Humor Hijinks With Billy in the street

Fulfill Billy in the street.

While minding your own business strolling acroos the street of latest York City, would you instead:

A) Obtain “ Quizzed in the Face. ”

B) Topic yourself to a“Lesbian Super Round” game with a pack of crazy lesbians for cash or even awards.

C) List sex moves before Mr Rogers.

D) Fight in public regarding Denzel Washington.

E) Watch Billy Eichner humiliate May Ferrell.


… for a dollars. Rush up—quick, dammit! Choose your final answer.


[Insert your answer here.]


Do you accept that as your final answer?

My apologies, no! You’ re incorrect.


Suppose what—there is no correct answer!


Get At Me personally, Billy: Cray Cray Homosexual Videos


Something wicked this way arrives: it’ s Billy in the street, another kind of online game show featuring your sponsor, Billy Eichner (Bob’ s Burgers, Upright Residents Brigade).

Billy in the street will push his microphone directly inside your face, shout out questions, arbitrary facts or even celebrity’ s names, chase you while you flee from him or her, run toward you like a freight teach, or just ordinary shout.

Which ain’ to no “Cash Cab” or even “Price is appropriate. ”

Quizzically queer himself, Billy adores spouting off occasional gay dude jokes without any real punchlines, and his show’ s all about silly spectacle, gay-centric chaotic misunderstandings and the comedy from the awkward.

This particular show is about smart-ass #LOLZ for smarties, “Makin’ dreams come true” thanks to FUSE TELEVISION, a US-based cable wall plug.

“Do you like FUSE? ” Eichner asks impromptu compitent “Mr. Singh. “They play, such as, five-hour long obstructions of Rihanna videos. You’ ll love it! ”

For anyone enjoying the home online game, as you can tell by now, nothing with no one is holy here.

In the event you dare to answer Billy’ s questions correctly and win, you may can obtain a prize valued at around a dollars. * Then, Eichner will instantly run away a person or shoo you away with an accompanying “Thank you—bye today, ” “Get the particular f—out of here, ” in addition to other such quickly-pummeled pleasantries.

In the event you happen to answer incorrectly and eliminate, you’ ll experience public humiliation (be forced to put on chicken suits or put on sandwich boards telling individuals how idiotic you are). So in either case, the viewers always win.

(*In just about all fairness, sometimes Billy will give you a the honkin’ huge chunk of cash—as in a hundred dollars or more, or prize equivalent. Still that too is actually arbitrary. )

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Moreover, Billy’ s improv antics, arbitrary celebrity sightings and occasional cattiness have earned him or her a Daytime Emmy candidate selection. For going on four whole months, Eichner’ s been annoying folks just trying to get to operate or consume a solo walk around New York within peace, while this individual amuses the rest of us.

His identity? It’ s pure-grade a-hole. The absolute nerve…!

Billy Eichner will discover both you and eff with you. It will be filmed for posterity and laughter. You will turn out to be Internet-infamous for less than a quarter-hour , and the world will laugh at you. It’ s just a matter of time.

BLEND, iTunes, Humorous or Die and YouTube jointly host clips and full episodes from the Billy in the street collection.

Take a shot in a random interaction with Billy @BILLYEICHNER, tweet your aggro quiz inquiries to #BILLYONTHESTREET, or even click here to go to him at YouTube.

#FTW! Watch Billy quiz a gay man hard: just how much have you any idea regarding vaginas? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tN70ur7-Q7A



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