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Why Jenny Durkan is right for Seattle

by Charlene Strong – Special to the SGN Finding the sweet spot in the manifold definitions of ‘Progressive’ in Seattle politics can at best be elusive and at worst the ignition source to endless divisive wrangling. It’s almost as if we are falling all over ourselves to see who can out ‘progress’ the others’ Progressive scruples. Arguments and perceptions are a deafening racket that is difficult to ignore, much less decipher in this city. The scrutiny and judgment that goes into the endorsement of willing candidates is not for the weak of heart. During my run for office I observed the efforts of many who offered themselves up to be the next civic leader for our city. In that time, I witnessed up close the candidates for Mayor. When I heard that Jenny Durkan was going to run for the office I was elated and encouraged. Our sitting Mayor, struggling with personal histories that were proving formidable, caused needless distraction and questions about c

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