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Precisely next?

by Kris Hermanns – Pride Foundation
Special to the SGN As marriage equality continues to gain momentum across our region and the country, we are at a special moment in LGBTQ history – a critical turning point that has the potential to completely transform the lives of everyone within our community. We went from having marriage equality in 19 declares – in addition to 10 Native American tribes, plus Washington D. C. – in order to 32 states in a matter of weeks. Because lawsuits across the country continue to play away, we can expect even more change soon. Many of us never imagined we would reside to see the day we could legally get married to in our home communities. As more and more LGBTQ couples are able to publicly commit on their own to the one they love, my heart is filled with a joy plus fulfillment that is hard to describe. Whilst things have moved quickly these past few months – indeed therefore quickly that it can be hard to maintain it all – it is clear that

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