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Waiting for SCOTUS: Why no news may be good news

by Mike Andrew – SGN Staff Writer The U.S. Supreme Court passed up its first chance to accept one or more marriages cases for their current term. The high court listed seven marriage suits from five states as cases that it might possibly accept for hearings. They were discussed at the court’s September 29 conference, but none made the initial list of cases that the justices decided to hear. That list was announced October 2. The court is not required to hear any cases that come to it on appeal from lower courts. Typically, the justices will agree to take cases where there are important legal principles involved, and a Supreme Court decision is required to set a national legal standard. To date, all but one of the federal district courts that have ruled on same-sex marriage have decided that bans on Gay and Lesbian marriages are unconstitutional. That one, in Louisiana, is currently on appeal before the Fifth U.S. Ci

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