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VICTORY! Federal judge strikes Oklahoma marriage ban

by Mike Andrew – SGN Staff Writer A federal judge ruled on January 14 that Oklahoma’s ban on same-sex marriages is unconstitutional. In a 68-page opinion, U.S. District Judge Terence Kern found that the state’s ban on marriage by Gay and Lesbian couples is ‘an arbitrary, irrational exclusion of just one class of Oklahoma citizens from a governmental benefit,’ and therefore violates the equal protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. Unlike the similar judgment in Utah, however, Oklahoma’s attorneys asked for and got a stay of the ruling pending appeal to the Tenth Circuit Court, the same jurisdiction that will hear Utah’s appeal. The state constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage, passed in 2004, is based on ‘moral disapproval’ and does not advance the state’s asserted interests in promoting heterosexual marriage or the welfare of children, Kern concluded. ‘Excluding same-sex couples fr

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