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#TaylorSwiftProblems: Billy Eichner’s “Glitter and Ribs” Parody Video Performs Angsty Summer season Goodbyes


“You’ ll never know my heart/like my heart/knows my heart… ”

Through Billy Eichner’ ersus The young taylor Parody, “Glitter and Ribs


Art Imitating The ability of Emo Country-Pop

First Taylor Swift is definitely the MTV VMAs sufferer (“I’ ma allow you to finish”), and today she’ ersus the Mean Woman VMA vamp (just for mouthing the words “shut the actual eff up? ). It’ ersus kinda hard to maintain all these pop star television tragicomedies, isn’ capital t this?

In the wake of Genuine Taylor Swift’ ersus ( ahem. Choreographed. ) STFU event and her recovery from it, Faux The young taylor just would like to muse aloud and family.


So y’ almost all, can we simply take a second to wax nostalgic about the end of an additional bummer summer season? Puh-lease?

Plucked perfect out of one of the lost shows involving Joy , here arrives Billy in the street with a little comic reduction. Allow sassy-pants Billy Eichner to include his aggro 2 cents to the whole thing.

‘ Trigger really: which The young taylor are we meant to rely on? Good Woman Taylor Swift or Bad Girl The young taylor? ‘ You realize we’ re all either one point or the other, don’ capital t you?

Nicely, don’ capital t you?!!!


In the new music movie “ Glitter and Ribs, ” Humorous or Die and Fuse TV’ s citizen smart-aleck sets the record straight. In the video, Fake Taylor Swift is each and every woman not yet a lady. She’ ersus sassy, lovely, happy, frustrated, depressing, apologetic. The girl cries ugly , seems heartbroken, is independent. Yes. She’ ersus strong, young, um… number She’ ersus old, totally fragile and totally dependent. Yes. Well…?

Superstars are like us—totally ambivalent and utterly complex.


Connect, Soreness, Cash In, Recurring

The real target of this video is definitely the crazy, foolish entertainment industry. “Glitter and Ribs” breaks down the actual “summer fling to summer season heartbreak” song formulation, the lie this is the ingenue/Lolita aesthetic, and the naughty habit pop stars and producers have of recycling the same song and video over and over to connect the same ideas—and how that theater of the absurd spills in to offstage antics, which then strangely turn out to be “real-life” tricks.

And then the entire (press) cycle starts again.

As with everything in everyday life, there is of course the grain of truth to what’ s taking place (private details we’ ll definitely never know) and how that plays a role in Swift’ ersus own creative process. Many artists think that suffering is really a key ingredient essential for creative motivation, and Swift simply rocks that trope in her own Taylor-ish ways.

And the reason why wouldn’ capital t she? Doing so is a profitable business, these types of recurring themes work with her. The background music business is definitely a business. Broken-hearted music sells, and “if this ain’ t broke don’ t repair it” doesn’ capital t apply to this specific case study and music biz model.

Swift’ ersus sales figures and graph positions are informing: there’ ersus catharsis to be had from hearing and singing along with this narrative that’ s ever on returning.

Nevertheless, if you think about the artistic choices The young taylor and her push team make in comparison to… say, Indian Arie’ ersus, the repeated messages, saga and drama that “Real Taylor swift Swift” is broadcasting carry out seem to be more than a tiny bit laughable.

And quite often, ya gotta laugh to keep through crying.

Unless of course, you’ re Faux The young taylor, simply because “life won’ capital t always be glitter and ribs. ”

So ciao for now… help you next summer season never-ever-ever !

xo ( sniffle, sniffle ) xox,

— Faux The young taylor

P. S. Ms. Faux Taylor swift, wash your face filled with runny mascara aside, return to your watching device of choice, watching Billy in the street. That’ ll solve everything. For now.



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