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Suspect in June double homicide arrested in New Jersey

by Shaun Knittel – SGN Associate Editor It is bittersweet because no matter what, Al Muhammed Brown’s apprehension will not bring back the two lives he took, but on July 18, New Jersey authorities arrested the man indicted in the double shooting of two Gay men of color in Seattle’s Leschi neighborhood. For now, at least the families have that much to comfort them. But soon begins the trial. On June 1, Ali Muhammed Brown, 30, executed Dwone Anderson-Young, 23, and Ahmed Said, 27. Seattle’s LGBTQ community would soon learn that Brown, a man said to harbor radical Islamic beliefs and although he was supposed to register as a sex offender, he did not, posed as Gay on the mobile hookup app Grindr to attract his victims. Brown even went so far as to pick the two young men up outside of popular Gay nightclub, R Place, before shooting the two young men to death in such a way that King County Senior Deputy Prosecutor Wyman Yip called the slay

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