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“Smexy Times” for Summer Lovers: The Playlist for Women-Loving Ladies

Pride events are still taking off all over the world—no doubt your iTunes playlist is filled to filled, but there’ s usually room for one a lot more great song, yes?

You could rock this list on the ride to Pride, use it to woo which office hottie you’ ve acquired your eye upon, make a small old school electronic mixtape for your Sweetie, or place them in your system for that someone special on that next “smexy” night together.

Ready? Let’ ersus move!

Enjoy Songs for Lesbians

: MeShell Ndegeocello “ Let Me Get You” – Like a standout track from film “How Stella Got The woman Groove Back, ” home girl’ ersus heart is harming, her system is racing, and she just wants just a little loving. Your own caring. “You’ re the only person, ” she coos with the swagger of the rapper. Just she ain’ big t rappin’, she is performing, wooing, and wanting. Highly recommended for the romantic studs in the lot who aren’ big t “too grown to cry, ” and “ain’ t too proud to beg. ”

: The Ditty Bops – When’ ersus She Coming Home : Delightfully “twee, ” charming and tasty, real-life couple and dynamic duo The Ditty Bops deliver sweetness and lightweight on this specific track. Electric guitars strum melodically because they sing together, “Afraid of the time in the hands… without having her, I don’ t possess a plan. ” Bonus for lesbian porn roomies hung up and crushing out on the roommate or friend, finally wishing to take things to the next level.

: Lady Coo – “So Happy I Could Die” : It’ s arguable: some folks believe this song is all about Lady Coo, referring to among her many modify egos. And the stage is…? Women who love women are a taking walks metaphor. As for this reduce, Gaga goes all Euro-Electro (duh), swooning, “I adore which lavender blonde… the way she goes, the way she walks… give me up, Child. Open up your own heart and your brain to me. ”

: Peaches – “Boys Want to Be Her. ” – Play it awesome: act like you don’ t care. You’ re a rock star, right? Therefore you don’ big t care. “Boys Want to Be Her” is all about you, isn’ big t this? Yup—that’ ersus what we thought. This particular song’ ersus full-on glam stone. With an easy, anthemic chorus and knife-edge vocals, “The way you rock nonstop, woman you got the particular chops… ” observe generally there? You’ lmost all get your lady dance, you’ re moving along with time, you start a mosh hole, party associated with two… as well as the rest depends on the both of you. Godspeed.

: The Strap Step through the Lost Bois – Totally NSFW lyrics regarding… well evaluate the title and create your guesses. It is really an sophisticated track—let’ s just say it’ ersus not a first date selection. Strictly for adults only—you feel us? Side tangent, the Misplaced Bois’ flow on this track is incredible, and they’ re not really afraid to have a little giggle in the process (chicks sig humor! ). Completely confident, fully queer, a tad bit cheeky, ultimately very hot.

Namoli Brennet – Superstars – Dreamy, romantic bliss. “Maybe you were somebody’ ersus unfinished symphony, ” Namoli sings, pensive and endearing. “What if we, what if we are celebrities? ” Nice pre-party or after-party monitor. Heck, simply take it to the particular cocktail party. Beautiful lyrics—Namoli always delivers as much. So relax. Just hold the woman hand, Mama. Let’ ersus contemplate all this.

Oraz Di Franco – Sunday Morning – This particular song’ s ambiance streams through mindscapes of the loving couple therefore very familiar with a single another—but still able to appreciate life’ s quirks and love’ ersus gifts. She sings it to a lover departed, but it’ s tricky, because she sings it in the current tense. Isn’ big t that always the way? | “Sunday morning, you’ re doing your thing, and I feel doing mine, ” she sings so generously. “Speaking words a lot more a formality, ’ trigger we can feel we have been of one brain. Sunday morning, sheets still comfy and kitty’ ersus swarming ’ round our feet. Living comes easy. Your own sweet company making it so complete. ”Loving this: blast this monitor on a Sunday Morning and your Love is going to be so pleasantly surprised.

Generally there you might have it—it’ ersus a start, anyway. To hear all the songs on this playlist, check out this hyperlink.

Definitely this playlist—with a focus on “play”—-is not complete. What’ ersus missing? Let the sister know.

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