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Sixth Circuit upholds marriage bans

by Mike Andrew – SGN Staff Writer Breaking with all the other appellate courts that have ruled on same-sex marriage, a three-judge panel of the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld marriage bans in Michigan, Kentucky, Ohio, and Tennessee. The decision applies to six lawsuits from all four states. The November 6 ruling was a split 2-1 decision, with Judges Deborah Cook and Jeffrey Sutton voting to uphold the bans, and Senior Circuit Judge Martha Craig Daughtry dissenting. ‘When the courts do not let the people resolve new social issues like this one, they perpetuate the idea that the heroes in these change events are judges and lawyers,’ Sutton wrote in the main opinion. ‘Better, in this instance, we think, to allow change through the customary political processes, in which the people, gay and straight alike, become the heroes of their own stories by meeting each other not as adversaries in a court system but as fel

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