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SGN exclusive interview: Mayoral candidate Jenny Durkan

by Mike Andrew – SGN Staff Writer Mayoral candidate Jenny Durkan is running for office for the first time, but she’s no stranger to politics. A lawyer, former US attorney, family friend of the Gregoires, member of two police review boards, Mike Lowry staffer, and daughter of an 18-year veteran of the Washington state legislature, Durkan knows her way around the corridors of power. She announced her candidacy for mayor only three days after incumbent Ed Murray dropped out of the race in the wake of a sex abuse scandal. According to two recent polls, Durkan is likely to be one of the two candidates who will make it to the general election in November. Nevertheless, she has struggled to distinguish herself from her competition. ‘We are all varying shades of blue,’ she told the SGN. Asked explicitly what makes her different from the five or six other candidates who have a chance to make it through to Nov

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