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Russia’s Anti-Gay Propaganda Legislation Means Business

Gay Russian Activist Isakov To Be Convicted

Simply last month, 24 year-old Dimitry Isakov staged a protest within Kazan. He kept a sign that understand “Being gay and adoring gays is correct. Beating gays(i think they are sick) and killing gays is a crime! ” Isakov’s parents tipped from the police and have had their son arrested; his father kept him down and his mother got from it Dimitry’s sign.

Following his demonstration, Isakov was defeated and consequently had to use crutches for ten days. This individual coincidentally lost his job at a bank although his employment said their arrest was not due to his firing.

Not Isolated Occurrences

As if these incidents were not bad enough, a teen Erik Fedoseyev, after viewing pictures from the protest on the web, filed charges at their father’s demand. Fedoseyev’s father is actually bitter because their son’s mother left him or her for a lady.

Others have been charged and also arrested. The week before Isakov’s arrest, four Dutch tourists were first foreigners to be charged below “gay propaganda legislation. ”

Isakov Could Be First Gay Individual Convicted

Isakov’s situation is currently on the Supreme Court involving Tatarstan. If convicted, he faces as much as $150 in fees. Nikolai Alekseyev reports that he offers legal support for Isakov.

The leading proponent in Russian federation of laws governing gay propaganda is actually Nikolai Alekseyev, the LGBT activist. Last month, the police raided his home, questioned him for three hours, and also according to Nikolai, “destroyed everything. ”

Lucas and Alekseyev

Last month, Eileen Lucas, Russian-born porno king, wrote the vitriolic op-ed regarding Alekseyev. Lucas suggested that Alekseyev was acting strangely, and no longer advocating for Russia’s LGBT populace. Lucas thinks that most likely Alekseyev has been bribed by the Kremlin to firmness down his opinions.

In response, Alekseyev has been criticizing the West for boycotting the Games at Sochi and has posted anti-semitic comments about Lucas, the Jew. Witness this tweet by simply Alexeyev: “Tomorrow London protest “Love Russian federation, hate homophobia. ” We suggest “

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