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Image this Romance: Gorgeous Lesbian Indian Wedding Pictures

Aside from Love, everything dies.

The way to Heaven is within your center.

Open and lift the wings of Enjoy!

When Love’ ersus wings are strong, you need absolutely no step ladder.

— Rumi

“ We have been a typical couple, at least on the market. We have been an interracial number of Indian and United states descent who found really like at first sight. Well, let’s make which Shannon found love at first sight. The day I met Seema, I was teaching a boot camp classes and I turned to an additional instructor and stated ‘ I’m likely to marry your ex. ’ Naturally , Seema got defeated love shortly after, and six years later it became real. ”

— Shannon and Seema, in order to Buzzfeed

Along with Love, From Shannon and Seema

Getting with it all the vibrant, multi-colored imagery of Deepa Mehta’ ersus “ Fire, ” this particular story, these types of images—it’ s the stuff of modern myth—but what a beautiful surprise—this is in fact the real deal.

Huffington Post Gay Voices recently profiled photographer Steph Grant and her dear friends, newly-wedded couple Shannon and Seema, complemented with gorgeous, romantic and exquisitely rich images of two women who are usually deeply in really like.

Place A Ring On It And Have a Image, I highly recommend you

“I have photographed Indian weddings prior to and I have took pictures of gay and lesbian weddings before, but not have I ever shot an Indian lesbian wedding ceremony, ” professional photographer Steph Grant wrote about her current (and lovely) wedding images project.

Although it is decidedly difficult to be out and proud in Indian (most particularly for women) as well as in Indian native diasporic culture, this particular recent news item is a hopeful reminder which change is achievable. The wedding itself happened in Los Angeles, although the ceremony incorporated Indian native wedding traditions and dress.

Ongoing the story on her behalf blog, Grant enthused, “I happen to be anticipating this wedding ceremony for years today! Shannon and Seema are special in my experience and I am honored that they selected me to be their wedding photographer. I flew into Los Angeles a couple of hours prior to the wedding festivities started. I was welcomed by a house full of friends, as well as lots of fun. It was destined to be an exciting day. ”

“Beautiful Indian native culture, stunning brides & style for miles! ” the girl continued. “Couldn’t ask for more. WHOA. My center! There was a lot love that consumed the SmogShoppe that night time. Friends and family came flowing in with laughs, hugs and tears… these two are usually clearly loved and in love. I am writing this blog a month following the wedding and I am proud to say that a lot progress has been conducted within our country with the Supreme Court striking down DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) and Brace 8 in the state of california! Love is victorious. ALWAYS. Congrats Shannon & Seema. Love you guys! ”

To check out all of those other exclusive photos out of this auspicious event, go to Steph Grant’ ersus blog right here: http://www.stephgrantphotography.com/blog/shannon-seema-indian-lesbian-wedding-los-angeles-ca

Have you ever seen such fabulous wedding photographs? And do you imagine you’ ll ever get hitched? If you undertake, are you going to go “flossy-flossy” fancy, until now believe you’ ll elope instead? Reveal your ideas, Darl’ ersus.


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