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Extraordinary Women: Kurvy Inc. Partners With SD Pride Leadership Academy


Phenomenal Women: Kurvy Incorporation. Partners With SD Pride Leadership Academy

In San Diego California, LGBT Pride is a year-round event. Over the years, their Satisfaction celebration and LGBT Center positioned in Hillcrest, San Diego have bloomed directly into ever-expansive resources for various sections of the LGBT community. The San Diego Pride Leadership Academy training is one of its many standout LGBT applications available.

Kurvy Incorporation., also based in San Diego, fosters pride of a different sort, promoting and empowering full figured women in order to feel fabulous with their fashion a lifestyle brand. Kurvy Inc. CEO Brandee Joyner and Movie director of Marketing and Business Development Courtney Dade recently launched a mentoring partnership with San Diego Pride, teaching self-esteem to LGBT youth up to age 18.

At the time of this writing, Joyner and Dade were preparing for their own inaugural SD Pride workshop, and kindly answered a few questions about their own work with the community.

SD Pride Leadership Academy Course:

An Interview with the Kurvy Inc. Team

J aye : How did Kurvy, Incorporation. come to be, when was it founded, and where are you based? Have you been nationwide or local at this time?

Kurvy Inc. / Brandee : In 2010 while expectant with my third child, the frustration grew even worse for me when i could not find any cute and fashionable clothing. I also grew discouraged with not seeing a lot of women with this problem with curves on TV and in the media.

I felt that something should be made just for me and tailored for my lifestyle. After the birth of my boy, I started a boutique for your curvy woman called “Phoenicia Goddess Boutique. ” But I certainly knew there was more to be performed. I wanted to not just offer clothing but a full lifestyle brand for your “Kurvy” woman. I wanted to create a brand that not only focused on fashion, but also on beauty, self-esteem, health, good body image, and all things curvy.

In 2012, I went back towards the lab and re-launched as “Kurvy Inc, ” a lifestyle brand for the curvy women of today! Kurvy Inc is based in San Diego, CA and as of now we are just local but we have already acquired requests to start Team Kurvy, our modeling and promotional team, within Atlanta, Denver, Las Vegas, Oakland and the like.

Jaye How did you interact with San Diego Pride?

Kurvy Inc. / Brandee: Kurvy Inc has always been a ally of the community. Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of meeting Kristy Salazar who is the host of From the Closet online radio show. She put us in contact with Steven Blocker who is the coordinator for San Diego Pride.

Jaye : Is this your first self image workshop? Will you be providing them on an ongoing basis?

Kurvy Inc. / Brandee: No, this is not our first Body Image workshop. We have been doing them off and on for over 2 years now. Starting within 2014, we will be conducting them on an ongoing basis. But this is the first time that Courtney and I will be carrying it out together.

Jaye : Is this your first time connecting with LGBT youth regarding self-image, anti-bullying, and self esteem?

Kurvy Inc. / Brandee: Yes it is and we are very thrilled! We look forward to doing more with the LGBT youth in San Diego and throughout the world!

Jaye : Can you share some of the ideas you’ ll be sharing and teaching at the workshop?

Kurvy Inc. / Brandee: We have designed this workshop to be fun and interactive, by utilizing our personal experiences as females who do not fit into “society’s norm” and how we continue to learn how to appreciate ourselves and present ourselves with confidence and class. We’ll be defining body image and give the youth practical tools to keep a positive perspective of themselves inside and out. We’ll also give them tips on how to reinvent them selves if ever they need to.

Jaye : What are some useful ideas you can suggest for flourishing plus size models or young folks who want to get involved in the fashion industry?

Kurvy Inc. / Brandee: The fashion industry is a tough industry just like a number of some other industries but you just have to keep pushing and moving forwards. Do something different to set yourself apart from others and don’t be afraid to be different. Plus size modeling is becoming more and more acceptable but you still face some challenges. With those challenges you just have to make sure you stay grounded and humble all the time. One thing to do is to make sure you truly love yourself and your body before you get into the industry.

Jaye : Anything else you’ d like to share?

Kurvy Inc. / Brandee: You always have to start throughout, and learn how to shut out the critics. Regardless of what area of your life you are coping with, you will never be like anyone else or manage any situation like anyone else, since you were created as a unique person. Wear your individuality and originality with pride!

Jaye : Cosigned! And how can people connect with you to learn more about your business and your community outreach?

Kurvy Incorporation. / Brandee: The best way to connect with us is on Facebook at www.facebook.com/kurvyinc and www.facebook.com/teamkurvy . Our website is www.kurvyinc.com , and there you can get our blog, upcoming events, and all items Kurvy.

Our brand, though fun and exciting, at the core is about empowering people, especially females, to be confident in the skin they are in.

The San Diego Pride Leadership School features specialized branches of mentorship training for people of all ages—both youngsters and adults—with workshops taking place throughout the year. If you are interested in applying, please get in touch with Steven Blocker at leadership@sdpride. org to get an application, call 619-297-7683 x 101, or visit SDPride. org for more information.


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