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9th Circuit upholds California law banning ‘conversion therapy’

by Paul Andrew – SGN Staff Author In a January 29 ruling, the full Ninth Circuit Court of Is of interest affirmed a previous decision by a three-judge panel that California’s law banning so-called ‘Gay conversion therapy’ is lawful. The measure, identified then as SB 1172, has been enacted in 2012 and protects those under 18 from supposed mental health treatments that claim to change their lovemaking orientation or gender identity. This kind of practices have been rejected by popular therapists and professional associations. Actually California’s legislature based the law at the unanimous consensus of leading as well as mental health associations that this kind of purported treatments have no scientific basis and put children at risk of serious causes harm to, including depression and suicide. Legislation was challenged by therapists who wanted to continue offering such ‘treatments, ‘ on the grounds that they had a First Amendment right to free presentation.

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