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Labor Council: No endorsement in Seattle mayor’s race

Union reps sharply divided between Murray, McGinn
by Mike Andrew – SGN Staff Writer Union supporters of Mayor Mike McGinn and challenger Ed Murray fought to a standstill at the August 21 meeting of the Martin Luther King County Labor Council (MLKCLC). The meeting adjourned after two hours with no endorsement in the race for Seattle mayor. As Labor Council delegates filed into the large meeting hall at Seattle’s Labor Temple, both Murray and McGinn were on hand to greet supporters. Both inside and outside the hall, knots of delegates stopped to chat or line up last-minute votes. Earlier in the day, the MLKCLC executive board met and voted to recommend a dual endorsement, based on the fact that both candidates had garnered significant union support. SAILORS SHIFT TO MURRAY
Murray was backed by the Seattle Building and Construction Trades Council and many individual construction unions; Amal

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