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#Kickstarter | Red Umbrella Project Funds #LGBTQ Sex Workers Documentary

#Kickstarter| Red Umbrella Project Funds #LGBTQ Sex Workers Documentary

“I love using writing and performance as a way to process

my experiences in sex function by taking that power back. ”

– Anna, in the Red Umbrella Diaries

Th e Red Umbrella Diaries is a feature-length documentary movie about seven LGBTQ sex worker storytellers as they prepare for the biggest efficiency of their lives, a night on Joe’s Pub in NYC. The performers will tell true tales about their experiences in front of a good audience of over 200 individuals and as they prepare for the big evening they’ ll share intimate pictures of their lives, all documented simply by an Emmy Award winning film crew. The film explores the question: what goes on when people whose voices are never heard in mainstream media take control of their very own stories and how they are presented to the world? ”

– From The Red Umbrella Diaries Kickstarter Page

Audacia Ray’ s Red Umbrella Project looks for to “amplify the voices of individuals in the sex trade through media, advocacy and storytelling programs, ” and The Red Umbrella Diaries unfolds each person’ s voice firsthand, with an emphasis on LGBTQ sex workers’ transformative narratives.

The “audacity” of this project includes witnessing, chronicling and sharing the first-person narratives associated with sex workers, many of whom carry on and work in the field to the present day.

As the collective prepares because of its November NYC prose/poetry performances, The Red Umbrella Project is asking for additional community support to fund the particular accompanying documentary via its present Kickstarter campaign.

Documentary Sizzle Reel Video Excerpts Include:

Dominick , reading through from a glowing laptop in a discolored room as he humorously shares a good anecdote about making his client become financially accountable. When you’ re self-employed, yes: you can avoid bait and switch behavior. As a part of the documentary, Dominick says to the camera, “I do think there is some thing momentous and revelatory about stepping out in front of a crowd and embracing face them, and offering all of them your story. ”

Anna , reminiscing with the audience about an event with a client who didn’ to yet know the difference between racism and classism. “At Gucci, ” Anna says, “They don’ to give a fuck about him great money. ”

Ceyenne : as part of the documentary, we see this writer relating to the camera, “Not every sex worker wants to end up being this dizzy airhead that doesn’ t want to stand up for some thing. ”

What’ s rewarding concerning this project among the many that Ray explains is that meaning and experience will be shared with us directly from the folks residing each truth: from the sublime to the ridiculous, from the poignant to the commonplace.

From the Kickstarter Website:

Since 2009, the Red Umbrella Project (RedUP) has created a secure space for sex workers through diverse backgrounds and experiences to talk about their stories, their frustrations, their own triumphs and tragedies at a monthly storytelling event, the Red Umbrella Diaries, at Happy Ending Community hall (a former massage parlor converted cocktail lounge) in New York City’s Lower East Side. More than a hundred sex workers have told their own stories at the Diaries over the years, and now its time for a bigger place and a celebration of some of the series’ brightest stars. On November 14th, seven Diaries performers will take the particular stage at Joe’ s Pub – and we’ re recording the performers on their journey.

When author Joan Didion mused, “We tell ourselves stories in order to live, ” there was no exclusionary term or afterthought regarding sex employees and/or LGBTQ sex workers. The girl quotation, some say, had to do with aiming to make sense of others’ stories and words through our own filters. We’ re magical meaning-makers, so that’ s essentially what we do.

Art entertains as much as it elevates and transforms us.

About Audacia Ray

Audacia Ray is the founder and director of the Red Umbrella Project, an organization that amplifies the particular voices of people currently or formerly in the sex trades by option, circumstance, or coercion. A former sex worker herself, Audacia now allows for writing, media, and advocacy exercising so that people in the sex deals feel empowered to tell their truths and make change.


redumbrelladiaries. com

redumbrellaproject. org


Show Your Support @Kickstarter: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/audaciaray/red-umbrella-diaries-a-documentary-about-sex-worke

For those of you who are or will be in New York City in Nov, tickets to the Red Umbrella Diaries event are only available for purchase via Kickstarter.

The event takes place on Joe’ s Pub NYC on November 14, 2013 at 7 p. m.

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