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#IndieGoGo Love: All Of Us Project Making Colleges Safer for LGBT Students

#IndieGoGo Adore: All Of Us Project Making Schools More secure for LGBT Students

“ Sadly today in Australia, school is the place where young adults report the most homophobic abuse. Considering that 1998 levels of homophobic abuse documented by students, experienced in schools has risen from 69% within 1998 to 80% in 2010. ”

– All of Us

Minus18, Australia’ s largest youth-led organization for LGBTQ youth, recently posted a YouTube video to market the launch of its latest youth advocacy project, All of Us.

Based in Victoria, Australia and co-Produced by Safe Schools Coalition Victoria and Minus18, the All of Us multimedia project aims to promote inclusion and influence diversity training throughout Sydney. The organizers are currently fundraising from IndieGogo. com to make this fantasy a reality.

The task aims to be comprised of a series of 6 short videos highlighting the encounters of a Gay (1), Lesbian (1), Bisexual (2) and Transgender (2) identifying student, making educational and diversity activism personal and impactful.

According to its IndieGoGo campaign page, the All of Us task will work with actual LGBTQ youth– teenagers who are mostly still within high school. It will be combined with a series of lessons plans that will be companion pieces towards the films, providing hands-on training and resources for educators throughout Sydney. The material will face homophobia and transphobia head-on and motivate students, teachers and communities to understand how to be true allies not only in theory, but in practice.

With just under 50 days to go, the ‘All of Us’ task seeks to raise a minimum of $7, five hundred and they have not yet reached their particular goal. Though they have been promised in-kind pledge donations in addition to their fundraising goal, all funds raised and the ones in excess will go toward project advertising, video pre- and post manufacturing efforts, educational handouts, collateral marketing and advertising material, educator training and task distribution.

From the website:

School curricula have come a long way recently in recognising sexual and sex diversity – but they rarely involve more than a passing reference and are usually presented through a clinical lens within sex ed.

At Safe Schools Coalition Victoria (http://www.sscv.org.au) and Minus18 (http://minus18.org.au) we think it’ h time for that to change.

To do this, SSCV and Minus18 are supporting the creation of a video series which captures the lives of young LGBT people. These short films will illustrate their college and uni lives, their weekend break adventures and their hopes for the future. They will include the basic stuff, the boring stuff, the things that every younger person has to do. The aim? To show young Australians that their LGBT friends are no different from themselves. To dismantle the idea of diversity in the abstract and provide positive, real tales from young LGBT people.

The video series and associated lesson plans will allow any teacher, in any school to confidently notify students about the way the world will be – diversity and all.

We need your help

In order to get these unit guides and lesson plans into schools throughout the country, we need your generous contributions. Your donations will allow us to make, print, promote and send these powerful, school changing resources far and wide.

Teachers are pressed for time, and school civilizations can be adverse to change. So we work to create simple and clear, useful on the run resources.

  • Simply $10 from you, will get this program right into a school. Where previously no assets have existed, teachers will now have the ability to promote diversity, challenge homophobia and transphobia.

Think Schools Are Already Safe?

If you are asking yourself whether or not these resources are needed then have a look over below…

Sadly nowadays in Australia, school is the place where young people report the most homophobic misuse. Since 1998 levels of homophobic misuse reported by students, experienced within schools has risen from 69% in 1998 to 80% in 2010 (Hiller et. al. 2010).

Luckily for us, schools which were “perceived by students to be supportive… have a strong and significant impact on the mental health and safety of the SSAGQ (same sex attracted and sex questioning) young people who attend” (Hiller et. al 2010).

Our resources will allow schools to become supportive for all students. Especially LGBT ones.

At Secure Schools Coalition Victoria we have been working to this end for years. We know what we are doing. The time has come to increase our own reach and change more schools. Your own donations will make an immediate and long lasting impact.

If dollars are sparse…

You are able to still be a massive help.

  • Still at college? Can you have a chat with your own favourite teacher or even the principal about how awesome it would be to have ‘ All Us’ run in your school?

  • Don’ t have any money to spare? Could you post/link/tweet relating to this to your friends, family and colleagues and enquire them to donate?

  • Have kids from school? And think it is as important as we do that young people are learning about LGBT people? Could you prepare to have a discussion with a school chief or parents committee about the assets that will be available in 2014?

‘ All of Us, ’ visiting a school near you!

To lead to and learn about the All of Us project, go to: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/all-of-us

And make sure you send your tweets of assistance to: @safeschoolsvic and @minus18youth.

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