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I-1515 fails to qualify for the November ballot

by Shaun Knittel – SGN Associate Editor The I-1515 campaign, an effort to repeal Wa state’s 10 year-old non-discrimination law protecting members of Washington’s Transgender community, failed to turn in enough (246, 372) signatures to qualify for this year’s fall election ballot. The particular WA Secretary of State’s office announced late this afternoon that the I-1515 campaign cancelled its appointment to show in signatures. This is an important success for not only the Transgender community, but for equality-minded people across the state. With Tim Eyman having already did not qualify anything, the end of I-1515 means that for the first time in decades, you will see no right wing initiatives on Washington’s statewide ballot come Nov. ‘Washingtonians have sent a clear information – we won’t discriminate, ‘ said Seth Kirby, chair of Washington Won’t Discriminate, the ‘No’ on I-1515 campaign. ‘As a Transgender man,

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