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Hi Hey Hey, It is Disney’s Gay Days! – LGBT Weekend break Travel Destinations

Know Your LGBT (Disney) Background


“’ Whilst Disney does not bring in the event, the business accommodates any huge team, ’ stated Suzi Brown, a Disneyland Resort speaker. Disney quietly cooperates with Gay Days, such as through selling meal packages along with rainbow Mickey pastries. Gay Days were only available in 1998 with two, 500 people unofficially gathering in Disneyland. Groups had protested as well as boycotted Disneyland, saying the event had not been family-friendly. However large-scale, organized protests have been absent for many years. ”

: Dorothy Tully, for your Orange County Sign-up

In spite of marked latest controversies, the particular years-long “unofficially official” custom of Disney’ s Gay Days is constantly on the thrive.

Within Anaheim, California, the home of Disneyland, Gay Days attracts tens of thousands of people each year (well more than 30, 000 in 2013), whilst in Orlando, Fl, Gay Days attracts hundreds of thousands.

Actually quietly as well as unofficially gay-friendly, the particular Disney franchise enjoyed a “coming out” of sorts this year because the Walt Disney Globe resort ushered in George Kalogridis as its first openly gay president. The California and Fl Disney’ s have always been somewhat recognized from one an additional (hence California’ s Disney recreational areas didn’ t get much flak from protesters), however with the welcoming in of Kalogridis (prior president of California’ s Disneyland) changes have been in movement.

As well, the new president is planning more gay-inclusive luxury vacation bundles, trips as well as soirees for the discerning Mousekateers in the building.

Exactly what that means for you personally, beloved sun-seekers and vacation fans, much more LGBT-inclusive enjoy, perks, as well as parks! CA to FL vacation packages regarding Gay Days vaycays? That’ s just gotta have the works, dontcha believe?

Gay Days continues to reserve the best entertainers, so mark your calendars now: planned performers and festivities regarding Anaheim alone include pull diva extraordinaire Skip Coco Peru, “ Glee’ s” Alex Newell (Unique), DISC JOCKEY Kimberly S., in addition to Intimate Conversation along with Tabatha Espresso.

Gay Days aren’ big t all just thrilling games—there’ s chill time scheduled along with each itinerary as well. Event organizers will hook you develop riche brunches, exclusive concierge service and affiliated health spa deals, because relaxing is a must. Jan Disney Resort sea cruises are also in the works. Caring that.

The newly-launched Gay Days Las Vegas (held in September) speaks for the continued success of and ongoing require more LGBT-inclusive as well as family-friendly events at The walt disney and outside of.

Naturally , Orlando occasions are better than ever, practically unaffected by recent attempts at inciting debate.

Gay Days aren’ big t just for boys. Tours and functions are always planned solely for women, men altså, and of course “Bears just, ” as well as the main occasions.

Yes, We Are Still Loved ones.


“Evan, Alix as well as Jamie had a great time with their moms at Disney World upon June 5. These people loved Disney’ s afternoon Celebrate a Heaven sent dream march, which they watched right up front side, by the fortress. Thousands of gays(i think they are sick) and lesbians and their families surrounded all of them. ‘ That has been really awesome as well as empowering, ’ [An attendee said.] ‘ The kids really felt area of the bigger picture. ’ For the Couchman-Spencer family, the only debate about Gay Days had been how long to remain. The kids got exhausted. By the time Disney’ s big nighttime electrical march was over, the family had been on the park for 12 hours. ”

: John Cloud, for Moment Journal

Absolutely no, “One Million Mothers: ” Gay Days events are certainly not Greco-Roman orgies (on what planet would that happen during “Disney moment? ”). Kids get to meet Mickey and Minnie followed and supervised through LGBTQ parents and family members without encountering homophobic analysis, as well as that’ s a beautiful thing.

Therefore pick a city as well as book your trip. Accurate: you’ lmost all encounter the necessary rainbow-sprinkled souvenirs, have got your corny as well as kitsch quotient chock-full to the brim for the calendar year, and most of all you’ lmost all have a lot of whole-hearted, “Goofy” enjoyable.

For more info, go to the links below.

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Gay Days & Women Gay Days are a time-honored queer custom. Therefore , we are ordering you, “fam” and buddies to go forth as well as party. Usually do not refuse us—this is definitely an order!


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