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Initial Same-Sex Couple Adopts in Italy

Married within June,, One Adopts the Other’s Children

Last Might, France became the fourteenth nation to legalize gay marriage and gay adoption. (Other European Countries that allow gay adoption include Belgiium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Iceland, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden and Britain). Many Parisiens, particularly rural Catholics, did not cotton to the regulation that was signed by President Francois Hollande, and took to the roads in droves to protest. The particular marches focused heavily on re-homing rights.

Authorities Who all Did Not Comply with the Marriage Law

In fact , several mayors rejected the law “as a matter of conscience. ” The Mayor of Arcangues, Jean-Michel Colo, in south-west France, refused to marry a gay couple in June. He said “I will go to the gallows “ in order to defy the law.

Recently, France’s highest court ruled that mayors cannot refuse to hold same-sex weddings in the country.

An Historical Event: Lesbian Couple Granted Adoption Rights

One couple, identified as Caroline and Pascale A. were married last June. On October 17th, they received acceptance that one wife’s two biological kids, Laure and Lise could be adopted by the other’ s wife. Based on the report, both of the children are the consequence of artificial insemination by an unknown donor or donors. (same-sex couples are allowed to adopt domestically, but not from Russia because of Russia’s anti-gay relationship stance. )

Celebrations Followed

The Association of Gay and Lesbian Parents and Upcoming Parents was also pleased. It mentioned “that from now on, children may listen to in school hallways, “Two moms or two dads! ”

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