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Everyday Is Halloween: The Halloween Queens YouTube Playlist

As Halloween rolls around, the particular irony of the holiday comes to mind—despite its scary, spooky, ghoulish shades, Halloween in queer circles can be downright delicious and fun. The greater horrific, edgier, weirder or grosser something is supposed to be, the funnier as it happens to be… at least on All of the Hallow’ s Eve when it’ s all stunts n’ shows .

It’ s no secret that will queers abound among folks who really like Goth culture, Industrial Music, Electro-Pop, less-than-cheery Dance music and actively playing bloody dress up. Too, SM lifestyle and or aesthetics are a major part of queer expression. The dramatics, the particular theatrics, the catharsis…. (“ it’ s a lot like life. ” )

Yes, there’ s Dance music among the tracks, yet you’ d have to be blind never to see how all of these types of music impact Dance and Pop artists. These tracks include queer artists, or folks who have queer-inclusive (and/or simply epic, costumed-out! ) sensibilities.

This playlist honors the particular freaks among us: horror queens, indie costumiers, hardcore goths and pink goths, and you—spooky you—


Halloween Queens YouTube Playlist:


Scariest Pull Show EVER from the Philippines!!

The title’ s quite self-explanatory. It is nothing like you’ ve ever seen. As sinister because it seems, now that Whitney has flushed, folks have certainly claimed this as a tribute… it could work. It’ s better to keep on laughing than to keep on crying. That said, this california king is werking this —horrifically. Simply must be seen to be believed.

#FashInJake Halloween SCREAM Reel | #OKStupid!

Fashionable humor queen OKStupid can also be sexy-slash-spooky. Confusing to fell all those emotions at once, isn’ t it? But “in drag, all things are possible. ” This is a clever drag queen’ s parody of the “Scream” movies. To see the original more comical version from the video, visit The Ghost of Drew Barrymore #BASHBACK

Saul Williams – Dance

Saul Williams had the brass to work with Trent Reznor having never ever listened to his music… but it is practical. They’ re both artists writing on the razor’ s edge: all chiaroscuro, almost all epic, all costumed-up with a developed in their voice and deep, cutting sentiments… nowhere else has Saul shown his epic gothboy part more than in this video. (P. S i9000. Ms. Tyra Sanchez is all on the screen in it—look on her. She’ s happy and aglow. )

Sharon Needles – Everyday Is Halloween

Her cover of the Ministry track is riveting… straight up gorgeous. And yes, there is a (traditional Chinese) zither in this track. Beautiful stuff.

Hooker Shoes – Alaska Thunderfuck 5000 & Amy Vodkahaus

Well this is a Halloween mix, so….

Ministry – Everyday Is Halloween

The classic.

RuPaul – Glamazon Music Video HQ

Because… B-Movies and Sharon Needles.

And all the rest…

Marilyn Manson – The Beautiful People

Nine Inch Nails – Closer

Nine Inch Nails – Down In It

My Life with the Thrill Eliminate Kult “ Sex On Wheels”

Lords of Acid – Pussy

Sharon Needles ft. Amanda Lepore – I Wish I Were Amanda Lepore

Heidi Glum performing Government Hooker by Lady Gaga

MNDR – Feed Me Diamonds (Featuring Raven) (Official Video)

Raven as The Evil Queen: “ Vanity” @ Showgirls

Jake Thompson as OKStupid – Unpretty Is the New Pretty

David Bowie – Ashes to Ashes

Woman Gaga – Bloody Mary (Oxceranoid’ s Better Place Remix)

Lady Gaga – Scheiße (Music Video)

Siouxsie & The Banshees – Look A Boo (Spec Goth Disco Edit)

Miss Kittin – Come Into My House

Miss Kittin – Bassline

Rihanna – S& Mirielle

The track name alone doesn’ t qualify it… gag balls, costumes, a riff from The Cure’ s “ Let’ s Go to Bed” and Willam are involved. It’ s a given. (Sorry ’ bout the Perez thing, though. )

… aaaaaand more Miss Kitten:

Golden Boys with Miss Kitten – Rippin Kittin

To know all of these tracks in one playlist, go here. (http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBRcoGrPV–bMICQBeDRCGU30BGLMGoiC)

Track moods and elements: haunting, electronic, ghostly, gruesome, goth, sensual, dark, retro… dunno… what do you think?

P. S i9000.: Shout out to openly gay developer extraordinaire Chris March—loving his silly-slash-fierce Halloween wigs for Target. Need ‘ em all…


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