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ERW takes conversion therapy ban on the road

by Mike Andrew – SGN Staff Writer Equal Rights Washington (ERW) will build on its victory in getting the Seattle City Council to ban conversion therapy, Executive Director Monisha Harrell told a Town Hall forum on December 11, and try to pass similar ordinances in many other Washington cities. The Seattle City Council voted unanimously on August 2 to prohibit conversion therapy for minors with the city limits and impose hefty fines on violators. ERW proposed the local ordinance because a bill banning the practice has been stalled for years in the state legislature. ‘We’ve always wanted to pursue legislation against conversion therapy on a statewide level,’ Harrell explained to the SGN. ‘That’s more comprehensive, and the state deals with licenses. Cities and municipalities can’t suspend the licenses of people who practice conversion therapy. ‘But cities can make it illegal, and they can fine people who d

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