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Crowdsourcing #Sochi2014: Out, Gay Kiwi Acceleration Skater Blake Skjellerup Remains Undeterred.

Despite Russia’ s new anti-gay laws, the calls to move the Winter Olympics from Sochi have dropped on deaf ears. The IOC has said waving of rainbow red flags — or any pro-LGBT commentary — by Olympians could violate its rules. Seemingly every avenue to create a statement of LGBT-rights support in the Olympic Games is being cut off. But there’ s one message they cannot stop: Openly gay and lesbian speed skater Blake Skjellerup! The LGBT community and its particular allies have an opportunity to support this openly gay athlete and send out him to the Olympic Games since our out, proud representative. ”

– From Blake Skjellerup’ s Indiegogo Strategy Page

#Sochi2014 | Anticipation Place

When it comes to the upcoming Olympic games, all ideas, social shares, pundit’ s articles and interviews continue to lead us on and move us all toward more question marks, dollar symptoms, boycott threats and theories, overall frustration and a heaping dose associated with anticipation.

We won’ t really know how enforcement associated with Russia’ s anti-gay laws can or will not apply until all of the travelers arrive in Russia, folks choose to make statements or symbolic actions, and all Olympics-related events get underway.

Though we know exactly where Johnny Weir stands politically, he won’ t be participating in the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, Russia as an athletic contender, at least—and we love you still Ashton, regardless of your politics.

Many queer athletes continue to move ahead in pursuit of that Olympic Gold: such as out, gay New Zealander, competitive speed skater and GT coverboy Blake Skjellerup.

Skjellerup is resolute and undetered. He wants to head to Sochi to earn a speed skating medal for that Kiwis, and he wants your help to do it.

As of this writing currently, Skjellerup has raised his initial goal of ALL OF US $24, 000 and counting in order to work on qualifying in order to compete in both the Winter Olympics as well as the Speed Skating World Cup, and he needs to raise at least US $33, 000 total in order to realize the dream with complete, headache-free financial backing.

If Blake can fully qualify, he will be the initial publicly out male athlete in order to compete in a Winter Olympics.

Information from his Indiegogo page, a video greeting from Blake himself and more information can be found below.

From Indiegogo. com | Precisely why Blake needs our support right now

Despite what several may think, Olympic speed skaters never live in posh apartments sipping champagne. When asked what it means financially to be an Olympic speed skater, Blake said, “ bankruptcy. ” He struggles just to cover living costs. What he needs assist with now is the funds to access key coaching assistance for the World Cups and the Olympics.

Pertaining to Blake to qualify for the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, he will need to finish in the top 32 in the World Cups this autumn. These four key events are:

Sept. 26-29, Shanghai, The far east

Oct. 3-6, Seoul, Southern Korea

Nov. 7-10, Torino, Italy

Nov. 14-17, Kolomna, Russia

Blake needs at least $15k to compete at a high level during these four World Cup events and qualify for the Sochi Olympics. To get everything he needs to compete at his HIGHEST level possible, he will need at $33k. We’ ve set the campaign goal at least he needs with the hope and expectation that we can get him EVERYTHING he or she needs. All donated funds move directly to Blake.

Because of the beauty of their story and the precedent he’ ll be setting—according to Blake’ ersus Indiegogo page—many advocacy groups have already shown their support including: the You Can Play project, Outsports, GLAAD, the StandUp Foundation, Out journal & The Advocate, Athlete Friend, and many members of the LGBT sports activities movement and larger community.

Click here to support Blake Skjellerup’ s campaign, check out Blake’ ersus #Sochi2014 YouTube video here, and send out your Tweets of support and inquiry with Blake @BlakeSkjellerup.





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