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Make your Actuality

Each of us has a personal “reality” by which we live and function. Still we do not exist inside a vacuum; we are all a part of a larger neighborhood of humans and must share the reality with other individuals who may intrude their very own realities on ours and attempt to impose their will and the perspective of actuality on us. Unfortunately, many relinquish their unique reality and give in to the influence of others and relegate themselves to the abyss associated with failure and mediocrity simply by “playing this safe”, becoming a “creature from the commonplace, ” and a “slave towards the ordinary. ”

Through the entire history of America, there has been individuals who have blazed their very own trails and refused to allow someone else’s reality and view of the world to become their very own. The American patriots of the Trend did not allow the oppressive reality from the Colonial British Empire to be theirs. Those Americans that forged west to unidentified territories did not give in to someone else’s actuality and remain in the actual east because of the ridicule and also admonitions of others to stay and not put their lives in jeopardy. The great civil rights leaders from the 1960’s refused to stay part of the society that failed to recognize them as equals and rose up and created their very own reality through civil disobedience and challenged most of the very foundations of our Republic and also established social mores. The lovemaking revolution from the 60’s and also 70’s cast off an imposed Victorian reality associated with sex and redefined exactly how people functioned and stayed their relationships.

The current queer rights movement is no different. There are those who wish to impose their hard line reality upon the actual LGBTQ community and push us to live separate and apart from the rest of society simply because we do not adhere to the old fashioned “one man, a single woman” reality of marriage and relationships. Additionally, there are those from inside the queer neighborhood who do not want advocates to “rock the actual boat” and rather than be too “in your face” regarding equality and instead to operate within the program and through politically proper entities that don’t genuinely have the movement’s best interest at heart.

Which do you wish to be? Have you been beholden for your circumstances as well as the influence of others until now reject the actual influence of others and also believe that it is the interpretation in our circumstances which determine our reality. Would you succumb towards the abyss of disappointment and mediocrity and simply follow others and do and also told rather than rock the fishing boat and take no chances until now shout as loud as possible regarding injustice and blaze your personal trail shaping alter to fit your own reality and view around the world?

To get a long time I was one of those who remained in their closet and also was someone I was not; a life of peaceful desperation and allowing community to dictate how I should stay. I did not think I could ever be an out and also proud queer person a life that has been mine rather than subject to someone else’s actuality.

We have been no different than those in history that came before all of us. We must decide to get diverse and cling to our unique reality and also interpret our circumstances in a manner that does not repress us and also hold us back. We must forge ahead and do what our gut, our very spirit, demands that many of us do, and also ignore the naysayers from both outside and in the queer neighborhood.

Life is full of numerous forks while driving with each fork there exists a path which others take simply because it is the well put on path; the main one trodden by many people; the secure route. Additionally, there are those individuals that amass each and every fork in every area of your life and tell us to take the actual safe route and instruction us to choose the well put on path. These are the same individuals who tell us not to “rock the actual boat” or get too “in your face” regarding equality and working towards liberty and justice for all those.

After that there is the other path that is less traveled and is less secure and filled with potential pitfalls and also unknown trials and tribulations. There are hardly any people encouraging all of us to take the path less traveled and therefore, we must muster our own courage, disregard the masses, and also decide to buck established thought paradigms and be true to ourselves and do what we should feel is best for us and also proceed down the less worn path.

Whenever we can choose to listen to the actual voice inside that tells us to not listen to others to decide on what is best for all of us, we start to live our personal reality that was forged by forces unseen, and those working on our behalf inside a world that many of us cannot connect with in our bodily being. We can simply make a choice to adhere to our unsung tracks that have happen to be written and they are simply waiting for us to choose to sing all of them the way they were meant to be being sung; in our own method.

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Sandy DeMilo is a contributing columnist and has written articles in many industries including Waste Management.

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