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#Comedy Queens: It Gets Betterish Meant for Queer As (Imperfectly Queer) People


Eliot Glazer: We’re not aiming to help kids come out, per se, but we are trying to use comedy being a tool for looking at gay living more realistically — the good, the particular bad, and the weird.

Brent Sullivan : As we like to say, it’ s about “two gay weirdos drowning in a sea of fierceness…. For example , not all gay dudes are “fierce. ” I am anything but fierce. Case in point: I haven’ t taken my shirt off in public given that 1997. Eliot is not fierce. This individual shoplifts cookies because he convinces himself if they’ re free, this individual isn’ t imbibing the calories.

– Creators of “It Gets Betterish” to Huffington Post


Because… Humor.

Not to poor the shine of Dan Savage’ s stellar “It Gets Better” support project for allies and queer youth, but , y’ know… some days just feel like: “Welp. At least it gets better… ish. ”

That’ s in which the web series of the same name (the “ betterish” one) dovetails straight into this idea perfectly. You click, tune in, laugh your heiney off, and there you have it: oosah…. ”

Though it’ s been a minute (well, undertaking the interview process year now) since the absolutely ok comedy team co-created a new It Gets Betterish video, there are plenty of all of them online that’ ll keep your eye rolling and your pretty little face snickering.

Just because all of us make progress in advancement of LGBTQ rights, social situations could be awkward. If you’ lso are in the queer world, or within it but not of it, misunderstandings don’ t just automatically, auto-magically disappear. Using its snark and sass, the particular dark comedy of It Gets Betterish reminds us that there’ lmost all always be some tweaking to do, regardless of how “ gay friendly” the world gets.


Brent : With “ It Gets Betterish, ” we want to take attention away from grotesque minstrel shows like “ The A-List” and basically every display on Bravo to exhibit that homosexual dudes can be train wrecks, too.

Eliot : Well, not necessarily “train wrecks, ” but neurotic, self-effacing, and imperfect. Being fabulous doesn’t mean you come without defects. You are allowed to be flawed! Brent and I are very, very flawed, and that’s the basis for our comedy.

– Source: More of their witty repartee with HuffPo

It’ s i9000 Been A Long Lonely, Lonely Period

So why haven’ t we seen new episodes in a year’ s time? Well… since Brent Sullivan’ s the standup comedian-slash-writer (Comedy Central “Live at Gotham, ” Upright Residents Brigade Theater featured performer), that’ s one whole heapin’ pile of busy.

After that there’ s Eliot Glazer… exact same badassery: he’ s a standup comedian and writer (contributing publisher at Vulture , New York Times contributor, Upright Citizens Brigade Theater featured performer).

Be enough it to say that these comedy bros are hella busy, plus performing the New York everything-thing.

It’ s i9000 surprising that Lorne Michaels didn’ t scoop both of these guys on with the new Saturday Night Live selection, since all of the new SNL picks are YouTube “supastahs. ” Wow ye of little faith, Lorne… .



To adorbs, cray cray, a little gross at times (sorry bout it), and ultimately side-splittingly hilar webstuffs— discover the world of It Gets Betterish!


It Gets Betterish Period 1


Woman Gaga ” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otHGA8Ky1kc

So , supposedly the whole world doesn’ t go ape-sh*t over Woman Gaga. Not even “Born this Way” era Gaga. Along these ranges, the It Gets Betterish guys are cursed with free Coo tickets, and hilarity ensues!

Fag Hag http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5b-ZmOSqGKg

“So, you are gay, right? How much would you charge to touch a vaginal area? ” Um… yeah. Ick? In case you’ ve ever had drunken bachelorettes crash the club randomly, start random convos with you, and deal with you like creatures from the wild animal park, then you’ ve been in this episode. So laugh. Probably.

Pull Queen http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U5bzMRtiFMc

Ever order a fake drag queen over the Internet?

There’ s i9000 more, of course.

#Comedy Queens, Represent: Come Back to Us, It Gets Better ish… We Miss You

Stalk Eliot and Brent, folks—we’ ll give you a head start:





You love it. You understand it. Let ‘ em understand, maybe they’ ll make a lot more!

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