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Change the Church

by Shaun Knittel – SGN Associate Editor Last week, the students at Eastside Catholic High School staged a successful sit-in to educate, spread awareness, and take a stand on the Catholic Church’s same-sex marriage policy. The protest garnered the support of nearly all of the other Catholic schools in the Seattle area as students at those schools held similar protests. According to one of the Eastside Catholic High School student leaders, Bradley Strode, the protest would not be a one-day event. In fact, Strode says the students will come up with a plan to present their complaints as a Catholic community to the Catholic Church. ‘The beauty of being a Catholic is that we are allowed to disagree and engage in discussion with our Church,’ he said. ‘This is our right. We are taking it.’ What started out as a simple petition on Change.org, has turned into a spark that is poised to transport the fight to every single Catholic high school i

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