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Crowdsourcing #Sochi2014: Out, Gay Kiwi Acceleration Skater Blake Skjellerup Remains Undeterred.

“Despite Russia’ s brand new anti-gay laws, the calls to go the Winter Olympics from Sochi have fallen on deaf ears. The particular IOC has said waving of range flags — or any pro-LGBT commentary — by Olympians could break its rules. Seemingly every avenue to make a statement of LGBT-rights assistance at the Olympic Games is being cut-off. But there’ s one information they cannot stop: Openly gay rate skater Blake Skjellerup! ” The LGBT community and its allies have an opportunity to support this openly gay athlete and send him to the Olympic Games as our out, happy representative. ”
– From Blake Skjellerup’ s Indiegogo Campaign Web page

#Sochi2014 | Anticipation Station
When it comes to the upcoming Olympic games, all of the thoughts, social shares, pundit’ ersus articles and interviews continue to guide us on and move us all toward more question marks, money signs, boycott threats and ideas, overall frustration and a heaping dose of anticipation. … more

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Consuming Children From Their Homes: Russia Introduces Bill To Remove Gay Parenting Rights

“ Waves of protests surrounded Vladimir Putin’ s return to power as Russia’ s Leader in March 2012. Since then, parliament has passed so many new laws and regulations restricting civil liberties that many people now call it the ‘ mad printer. ’ ”
– Amnesty International Wire (Amnesty. org)
Russia’ s Civil Liberties Record: Obtaining Worse and Worse In Word & Deed
“ Everything you add to the truth subtracts from the truth. ”
– Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
According to the Connected Press, Russian State Duma Deputy Zhuravlev (Putin’ s United The ussr Party/parliamentary caucus) is introducing a law making “ nontraditional sexual orientation” viable grounds to remove child custody for LGBTQ parents. … a lot more