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Authorities dodging question on bi refugees

A House of Lords debate on Wednesday focused on bisexual, transgender, saphic girls and gay asylum seekers – yet answers were not forthcoming from the government. Lord Scriven asked, To inquire Her Majesty’s Government how many people claiming asylum in the last year do so on the grounds of sexual orientation or gender identity; and of those people, how many have been […]

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Department of Man leapfrogs Britain

Through today the Isle of Man – which for decades has lagged behind its mainland neighbour upon bi and gay rights – leaps ahead with partnership reputation reform. As well as extending marriage to same-sex couples the island will open up civil partnerships to mixed-sex couples – something which was in the initial civil partnerships bill for The uk but was […]

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Western european Parliament demands protection for LGBTI refugees

Today, the European Parliament followed a report on the situation of women refugees and asylum seekers in the EU, having to pay particular attention to the situation of LGBTI asylum seekers. The report is a response to the invisibility of female asylum seekers and their concerns in the wake up of the steep increase of asylum seekers arriving in Europe. A significant proportion of […]

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Give BCN for Christmas!

The ideal gift for your bi friends – per year of bi news, dropping via their letterbox every two months. Gift subscriptions this way…

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Your own bi calendar 23-29 November

Make new bi-mates this week! Though the diary is a little thin this week… Wednesday night is the Leeds Bi Team social night at Wharf Compartments from 7pm. That day is also Manchester‘ s bi history group meeting. Get in touch via BiPhoria. Thursday night from 7. 30pm in London it’ s the Bi Meetup group at the O Bar in Soho: details here. […]

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Join bisexuals, partners, friends and allies marching under the red, purple and blue bi flag at LGBT Pride festivals come early july!

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#LGBTElders | SAGE Launches Storytellers Competition to Raise Awareness

#LGBTElders | SAGE Roll-outs Storytellers Contest to Raise Awareness
Providers and Advocacy for Gay, Saphic girls, Bisexual and Transgender Elders
SAGE, the world’ s largest LGBTQ advocacy organization, launched a countrywide storytelling contest in the US to raise recognition about LGBT seniors and consciousness regarding the lived narratives and requirements of our elders. SAGE has already started posting content on both their YouTube and Podomatic channels. The voting period runs from November 7 to November 21, 2013, and the contest winner will receive a good Amazon gift certificate and globally recognition for their story. … a lot more

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#SOFFAs in Transition: Resources for Companions and Family of Trans* Persons

#SOFFAs in Transition: Assets for Partners and Family of Trans* Persons
Finding a kind and caring support network for all but the world’ ersus luckiest folks is a lifelong project. Multiply that times… what… infinity? … and it’ s that much more challenging for trans* persons of experience to cultivate and to find.
Times are changing… we have trans* prom kings and queens, and public shaming or dismissal of trans* folks is becoming the real taboo, as it should be. Unfortunately for every development, inexcusable ignorance becomes much more recognizable and still continues to proliferate. So naturally , we still have a long way to go—and the more resources, gatherings and health-related modalities and methodologies that come in order to light in order to support, help, uplift and empower trans* persons of experience and their loved ones, the better. … more

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#LGBTHM Q and A with Angela Gardner – Editor, TGForum. com

“Sometimes you are pleasantly surprised by the approval you weren’ t expecting. ”
– Angela Gardner, Transgender Community forum (TGForum. com)
TGForum. com is a weekly online magazine with information and features for the trans* neighborhood featuring a resource library, regularly released articles, and a safe space intended for connection, creativity and raising trans* consciousness. Editor Angela Gardner required some time to connect with us via e-mail to answer some questions in regards to the one-of-a-kind online forum.

Jaye: Hi, Angela: your business is so robust. TGForum. com is extremely comprehensive– identical parts community website, news website, secure/private shopping stop, and much more. … more

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#Comedy Queens: It Gets Betterish Meant for Queer As (Imperfectly Queer) People

Eliot Glazer: We’re not really trying to help kids come out, per se, but we are trying to use humor as a tool for looking at homosexual life more realistically — the great, the bad, and the weird.
Brent Sullivan: As we like to say, it’ s about “two gay weirdos drowning in a sea of fierceness…. For example , not all gay dudes are “fierce. ” I am anything but fierce. Case in point: I haven’ t taken my shirt off in public given that 1997. Eliot is not fierce. This individual shoplifts cookies because he convinces himself if they’ re free, this individual isn’ t imbibing the calories. … more

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