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Brazil: Most dangerous country in the world for Gays?

by Mike Andrew – SGN Staff Writer What is the most dangerous country in the world for LGBT folks? You might answer Uganda, where parliament was considering a law to execute ‘habitual’ Gays. Or Zimbabwe, where the president regularly compares Gays to dogs and pigs. Or Russia, where neo-Nazis gangs lure young Gay men into ambushes, and laws forbid people even to say they are Gay or Lesbian. Very few people would say Brazil. Yet Brazil has the highest rate of LGBT murders in the world, according to a group of Brazilian activists who tracked anti-Gay hate crimes this year. The Gay Group of Bahia compiled hate crime data from January 1 through September 29, sifting through police records and news reports, since there is no official reporting of anti-Gay hate crimes as a separate category of crime. They found that at least 216 LGBT people had been murdered in Brazil in the first three quarters of the year.

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