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Barilla May Not Be The Choice of Italy Or Anywhere Else

Teigwaren Chairman Makes Homophobic Remarks

“You are what you consume. ” So it seems that food and drink could be effective weapons against homophobia. Do not like Putin’s programs against gays, boycott Russia’s vodka. Don’t such as Dan Cathy’s hiring practices that will exclude GLBT persons at Chick-Fil-A, boycott the chicken chain.

Now, the chairman of the world’s largest pasta brand, Barilla, Guido Barilla, said “he will never do an advertisement with a gay family. In a radio show La Zanzara (Radio 24) on September 25th, Barilla told his hearing audience that “if gays don’t like it they can go and consume another brand. Barilla was responding to a question by his radio sponsor why his company does not have ads with gay families.

The Sacral Family Is the Model for Barilla Pasta

To Barilla, the ‘sacral family” remains the core value of the company. The traditional family is the image at the rear of the brand.

Barilla’s rationale is that “ you can’t normally please everyone not to displease anyone. I would not do a commercial having a homosexual family, not for insufficient respect toward homosexuals – that have the right to do whatever they want without disturbing others – but mainly because I don’t agree with them, and I think we want to talk to traditional families. The women are very important in this. ”

The Barilla chairman also doesn’t approve of gay adoption. “I respect same-sex marriage because that problems people who want to contract marriage, but I absolutely don’t respect adoptions in gay families, because that problems a person who is not the people which decide. ”

Boycott Straight Pasta

Barilla’s anti-gay comments have prompted requires a boycott. Gay Rights Activist and politician Alessandro Zan, urged the GLBT community to boycott Barilla, as he has done.

Barilla Apologizes

Nearly half of the U. S. pasta market belongs to Barilla which usually accounts for almost half of the Italy’s pasta market. The company knowing that Barilla’s remarks would cause a ruckus insisted that Barilla apologize via Facebook and Twitter the next day: “with reference to my statements yesterday to the press, I apologize if my words have offended some people. For clarity, I would really prefer to point out that I have the deepest respect for all people, without distinction of any kind.

“While we all can’t undo recent remarks, we are able to apologize. To all of our friends, household, employees, and partners hat we have hurt or offended, we are significantly sorry. ”

I had the utmost respect for homosexuals and freedom of expression I also stated, and repeat, that I have respect for marriages between people of the same sex. Barilla in the advertising has always been chosen to represent the family as this is the symbol of hospitality and love for everyone. ”

Bertolli May Leave a Better Taste in the Mouth

The Vice President for GLAAD Rich Ferraro, told The Huffington Submit that Mr. Barilla’s opinion can be ill- informed, and he will quickly learn that the new traditional household accepts gay and lesbian families. ”

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