Ed out, Bruce Harrell inandat least temporarily

by Mike Andrew – SGN Staff Writer Seattle Mayor Ed Murray resigned September 12 in the wake of the fifth accusation of sexual abuse of a minor, this time leveled by his cousin, Joseph Dyer, who said Murray forced him to have oral sex when Dyer was 13 and Murray was in his twenties. Murray’s office announced he would resign three hours after the Seattle Times broke Dyer’s story. Murray was once thought to be a shoe-in for re-election, but his campaign began to unravel in April, when the Times published a story accusing the mayor of having molested three boys in the 1980s, one of whom was suing him. A fourth accuser came forward in May, and Dyer surfaced only days ago. On September 13, City Council President Bruce Harrell was sworn in as mayor, in accordance with the city charter. Harrell was accompanied by several of his City Council colleagues, City Attorney Pete Holmes, and other officials at his inau


Dear GSBA Members and Friends, One irrational, thoughtless assault against our common humanity after another. Throughout the last few months we have watched our country unravel the principles and values that we strive to live by. I understand that we have deceived ourselves, since those values were never truly enjoyed by all, but we held on to hope as civil rights movement after civil rights movement fought to ensure equality under the law for all. Yesterday, hearing that over 800,000 people in the U.S. who are workers, students, neighbors, friends and family, could be deported and forced to leave the country that they have known as home for most of their lives, has left us all feeling sick and ashamed. How does a country built on immigrant labor, a country whose only ‘true Americans’ are those of us who are Native American, suddenly talk about rescinding the right to live, work and go to school in the home where they were raised? And, yet, the Trump administration’s

Former dues-paying Teamster Jenny Durkan receives sole endorsement from Teamsters Joint Council No. 28 and Washington State Council of County and City Employees

Continuing to grow support from working families, former U.S. Attorney Jenny Durkan announced the endorsement of the Washington State Council of County and City Employees including AFSCME Local 2083, and the Teamsters Joint Council No. 28, which is the umbrella organization of 12 local unions representing more 50,000 active and retired members in Washington. ‘Jenny Durkan is by far the best candidate to fight for the tens of thousands of active and retired Teamsters in Seattle. From her days as a Teamster to fighting for better wages and working conditions alongside our members, she has a lifetime of experience of supporting working people. Jenny is the complete package when it comes to a candidate for the City of Seattle Mayor. She is a problem solver with a business sense, a working class and an impeccable legal background that will be extremely beneficial to the City of Seattle. Jenny is the clear choice to deliver results and help make Seattle more affordable w

Man and his Trans wife sue Amazon for discrimination, harassment

by Mike Andrew – SGN Staff Writer A Kentucky man and his Transgender wife sued Amazon on August 9, charging that they endured sustained discrimination and harassment during the year they spent working at Amazon’s warehouse in northern Kentucky. Dane Lane and his wife, Allegra Schawe-Lane went to work for Amazon in October 2014, and quit a year later because they found their working conditions ‘intolerable’ their lawsuit says. A lawyer working with the couple said the case is notable because Amazon, one of the nation’s largest corporations, has been publicly supportive of LGBT rights. In fact, Schawe-Lane said, she wanted a job with Amazon in part because of the company’s reputation as LGBT-friendly. ‘I thought we would be safe and accepted,’ Schawe-Lane said in a telephone interview with Fox News. ‘Instead it was like a bad dream. Every day, I’d wish it was ‘Candid Camera’ and someone would pop out a

50 Years: The BBC Monologues

To mark the 50th anniversary of the Sexual Offences Act the BBC are broadcasting a series of eight monologues, informing the stories of fictional heroes all set in the same pub. They range across time from before the 1967 Act to the modern day, with actors including Alan Cumming, Gemma Whelan, Rebecca Front and Russell Tovey. The tales range from […]

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Anti-Transgender losers lose again I-1552 fails to qualify for November ballot

by Mike Andrew – SGN Staff Writer Once again, the campaign to deny basic rights for Transgender people has failed. The Washington Secretary of State’s office announced on July 7 that the I-1552 campaign cancelled its 3pm appointment to turn in the petitions that would have put the measure on the November ballot. July 7 was the last day to submit petitions to put the measure before voters. I-1552 would have repealed 10-year-old legal protections for Transgender people and denied them the right to use gender-appropriate restroom facilities. HRC said the initiative’s failure was ‘a victory for equality and validation for Washington’s non-discrimination laws that ensure fair and equal treatment for LGBTQ people in housing, employment and public accommodations.’ According to the initiative’s backers, they fell 20,000 signatures short of the number required to qualify for the ballot, in spite of spending m

Your own Bi Diary 10-16 July

It’s a new bisexual week in our calendar of bi events – and it’ s a active week. Tuesday night in London Bisexual Underground meet at The Blue Content, 81 Newman Street, London. It’s a pub meetup and; get more information here. Also that night it’s Brum Bi Group, a community-centre space group at the LGBT Centre, 38 Holloway Circus, Birmingham. […]

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What will happen if and when anti-Trans groups submit I-1552 petitions?

by Mike Andrew – SGN Staff Writer By the time you read this, we’ll know whether I-1552 petitions have been submitted to the Secretary of State’s office. Just Want Privacy – the inaptly named group that’s backing the initiative to take restroom access away from Transgender people – has an appointment with the Secretary of State for 3pm on Friday, July 7. If they don’t show up, they’re done. No initiative goes on the ballot in November and Transgender people can continue using gender-appropriate restroom facilities. If they do show, however, things have only just gotten started. We may not know for a long time whether I-1552 will be on the November ballot. First, the Secretary of State will decide if there are enough valid signatures – 259,622 – for the initiative to qualify for the ballot. Of course, the state won’t examine each and every signature. ‘We’ll take a random sample,’ the Se

SGN exclusive interview: Seattle City Council candidate Teresa Mosqueda

by Mike Andrew – SGN Staff Writer According to Seattle City Council candidate Teresa Mosqueda, Seattle is a tale of two cities. ‘On the surface, this city has a progressive reputation,’ she says. ‘Other cities look to us to see what can be done – from our $15 minimum wage law, to paid sick days, to secure scheduling. Arguably, Seattle is leading the resistance to the Trump administration. ‘People from all over the country want to move here. Our economy is booming. ‘But one layer below all that, you see the inequities. People of color, immigrants, the LGBT community – all of them experience negative outcomes. There’s where you find the greatest level of income inequality. There’s displacement of communities due to gentrification. I’ve talked to seniors who have to pay more in property taxes than they do for their mortgage. ‘There’s so much prosperity but so little shared prosperity!’ Mosqu

fifth Annual Pride Flag Raising event at Seattle City Hallheld June 1

Dear buddies, Each year we proudly raise and display the Pride flag outdoors City Hall to demonstrate Seattle’s dedication to inclusion and to honor the LGBTQ residents and visitors. This particular month-long display signals to all they are welcome in our city and that they will be accepted for who they are. Thank you for suggesting, educating and supporting the growth and strength of the LGBTQ Community of Seattle Sincerely, Edward B. Murray