The bi week: 22-28 May 2017

It’s a new bisexual week in our calendar of bi occasions – and this week’ s meetups for people under the big bisexual umbrella are in London and Birmingham. Greater london has the over 50s bi meetup on Monday. They note: “ Opening Doors London Bi The way in which Group (for over 50s) is usually held every fourth Monday of the month at Tavis House, […]

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Trump literally driving White House staff crazy, WaPo reports

by Mike Andrew – SGN Staff Writer Donald Trump is quite literally driving his White House staff crazy, the Washington Post reports on May 18. One Republican operative in frequent contact with White House officials described them as ‘going through the stages of grief.’ Another said some aides have ‘moved to angry,’ frustrated with a president who demands absolute loyalty but undermines the credibility of his staff by sending them out with one message only to reverse course later with a contradictory tweet or comment. A third source told the newspaper that Trump staffers are sticking around purely for self-interest, looking at White House service as a résumé builder. ‘The real question is, how long do you put up with it?’ this person said. ‘Every one of those people could get a better-paying job and work less hours.’ According to these inside sources, the Trump team is tired and frustra

Rock and roll The Bi Vote

With a General Election a little more than a month away, are you registered in order to vote? You need to get on the electoral roll by 22 May to get your say come polling day. The political makeup UK govt will have even more influence on LGBT equality with Brexit, as so many of the reforms we have seen in the past […]

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Suddenly it’s a race: Mike McGinn and Cary Moon challenge Ed Murray for mayor

by Mike Andrew – SGN Staff Writer A month ago, it looked like Seattle Mayor Ed Murray was strolling toward re-election in November. Now, in the wake of allegations that Murray paid for sex with a teenage boy 30 years ago, it looks like a race. On April 18 Murray’s 2013 opponent, Mike McGinn, jumped into the race. The next day, Cary Moon – urban planner, business heir, and anti-tunnel activist – declared her candidacy. In a front yard press conference announcing his run, McGinn all but admitted that he entered the race hoping to take advantage of the allegations against Murray. ‘Any candidate looks at the lay of the land,’ McGinn said. ‘I’m really trying to avoid talking about the mayor’s legal troubles. Of course I looked at the lay of the land.’ McGinn was mayor for one term before being defeated by Murray in 2013. ‘I think I can do a better job than Ed,’ he claimed, citing rising hous

Murray accuser reveals his identity, many unanswered questions remain

by Mike Andrew – SGN Staff Writer The plaintiff in a sex abuse lawsuit against Seattle Mayor Ed Murray – identified only as DH in the original court documents – revealed his identity in an April 18 court filing, but many unanswered questions remain in the case. The man is Delvonn Heckard, and he said in a letter released by his attorneys that he ‘expects’ Murray to remember him as ‘Delvonn’ but ‘doubts Mr. Murray ever knew his last name.’ According to allegations in his lawsuit, Heckard met Murray when he was 15 years old and had sex with him repeatedly over a period of years in return for money. In a statement issued shortly after Heckard revealed his name, Murray emphatically denied knowing him. ‘I can state categorically that I have never had a sexual relationship with this individual, Delvonn Heckard, of any kind or at any time,’ Murray says in the statement. ‘I have never paid fo

5, 000 people married – without a wedding?

Almost two and a half thousand couples got married in 2014 – usually with no wedding! When same-sex marriage was introduced there was an option introduced for all those couples who had registered a civil partnership to be able to ‘ convert’ their partnership registration to relationship. This month’ s Office regarding National Statistics figures show that, following the introduction of the same-sex […]

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‘Decline to Sign’ I-1552, Tacoma rally says

by Mike Andrew – SGN Staff Writer Hundreds of Trans people and allies gathered at the University of Washington in Tacoma on February 25 to kick off the Decline to Sign I-1552 campaign. The initiative would reverse a ten-year-old civil rights law and bar Transgender Washingtonians from restrooms that match their gender identities. At the rally, openly Gay Tacoma City Councilmember Ryan Mello recalled that in 2002 Tacoma became one of the first cities in the country where voters approved an anti-discrimination ordinance protecting Transgender residents. He urged the crowd to ensure that I-1552 ‘never makes it on the ballot.’ Seth Kirby, chairman of the Washington Won’t Discriminate campaign opposing I-1552, said his organization has gotten endorsements from law enforcement, business, and faith leaders. One of those faith leaders is Bishop Richard Jaech of the Southwestern Washington Synod of the Evang

City joins lawsuit for Transgender student rights Sens. Murray and Cantwell sign congressional brief

by Mike Andrew – SGN Staff Writer Seattle Mayor Ed Murray and City Attorney Pete Holmes announced on March 2 that the City would sign on to an amicus brief supporting the rights of Transgender high school student Gavin Grimm to use school restrooms that correspond to his gender identity. Grimm’s suit against the Gloucester County, Virginia, school board will be heard by the US Supreme Court on March 28, with a decision expected by the end of the high court’s term in June. Grimm is challenging a high school restroom access policy that forces Transgender students to use a segregated single-stall restroom instead of one consistent with the student’s gender identity. ‘President Trump’s recent attack on transgender people’s equality is part of an ongoing and dangerous assault on civil rights across the country,’ Mayor Murray said in a statement. ‘Forcing transgender students to use separate restrooms or l

Interview: Going to the Palace

Jen Yockney became the very first person to appear in the Honours Checklist with an MBE “for services to the bisexual community” on the Queen’s birthday celebration last June. Tiff asked the girl some questions (and then Jen added one of her own). The particular Honours List! What happens and how do you find out about it? You get a notice that tells you […]

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Ed Murray wins key union endorsement

by Mike Andrew – SGN Staff Writer Seattle Mayor Ed Murray won a key endorsement in his race for re-election on February 15, when he secured the support of the Martin Luther King County Labor Council (MLKCLC). The MLKCLC includes some 150 union locals representing more than 80,000 workers and is the largest county labor council in the state. Its endorsement opens the way for financial contributions and assistance in get-out-the-vote campaigns. Murray had already been endorsed by some of the Labor Council’s biggest members, including UNITE HERE 8, representing hotel and restaurant workers; the Seattle/King County Building and Construction Trades Council, representing 19 affiliated unions; AFSCME Council 2, representing county and city employees; Professional and Technical Employees 17, the largest union representing City of Seattle workers; Laborers 242, representing hod carriers and general laborers; IBEW 77, representing electrical w