Seattle releases gender identity guidelines for City employees

by Mike Andrew – SGN Staff Writer Seattle’s Department of Human Resources (SDHR) released its new ‘Guidance on Gender Identity in the Workplace’ document on June 8. The 38-page document is intended to offer support to City employees who are transitioning, Transgender, or nonbinary, as well as advise their departments on how to accommodate them. In March 2016, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray signed an executive order mandating that that City facilities take steps toward being safe and welcoming places for all residents and employees, including Transgender and gender-diverse people. The executive order instructed the Seattle Office for Civil Rights (SOCR) to work with community-based organizations to develop uniform guidance and trainings for City staff on providing safe and inclusive spaces for residents. It also directed SOCR to collaborate with the SDHR to develop a list of best practices for creating gender-inclusive work

End of the Ed Murray era

by Mike Andrew – SGN Staff Article writer Euripides should have written the story. Seattle Mayor Ed Murray announced he was dropping his re-election campaign on May 9. Only 40 days before, he looked like he or she was cruising to an easy victory and would go down in history not just as Seattle’s first out Gay mayor but the first successful gran in 20 years. On April six, however , it all changed. That was the afternoon that lawyer Lincoln Beauregard filed a lawsuit charging that Murray taken care of sex with his client, Delvonn Heckard, when Heckard was only 15. The Seattle Times then ran a story charging that two some other men also claimed to have experienced sex with Murray when they had been underage. By the time Murray dropped out from the race, still another accuser entered the particular picture. Murray denied the fees, and his backers stuck with him – not a single endorser withdrew their particular support – and when he finally announced he was dropping from

Welsh Bis get Festive in Swansea

It’ s BiFest in Swansea this Saturday! The annual large bi day (and night) out is at the YMCA. The timetable and workshop details for BiFest Wales 2017 have now been confirmed ahead of the weekend and are as follows: Time Workshop Room 1 Workshop Room 2 12: 30 – 1: 15pm All about bisexuality 1: fifteen – 2pm BREAK (refreshments plus socialising in […]

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The particular Bisexual Diary: 1-7 May 2017

Welcome to May! When the excited motorway tailbacks of a Financial institution Holiday Monday weekend are behind us there’ s a smattering of bi meets around the country to look forward to. Get your journal out! On Tuesday 2nd there are two talky-space type meetings within community centres. It’s Manchester BiPhoria at the LGBT Foundation on Richmond Street at 7. 30pm. Their web […]

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Ed Murray to Seattle: I ask for your supportand Seattle Times in order to Murray: Drop out!

by Mike Andrew – SGN Staff Writer Seattle Mayor Ed Murray reaffirmed his intention to seek re-election and asked voters for his or her support in a statement issued Apr 12. The same day, the conventional Seattle Times newspaper called for Murray to drop his re-election bid. Admitting that the charges of child misuse made against him in a suit filed April 6 were ‘very painful to me and Michael, ‘ Murray’s statement went on to say the accusations were ‘simply not true. ‘ ‘Without offering any evidence, ‘ Murray continued, ‘the accuser offers described me in very specific and intimate detail, and his accusation depends on these descriptions being accurate. If this description is inaccurate, the particular accusation cannot be credible. Yesterday, I provided material evidence refuting the particular accusation. The accusation should be put to rest. ‘ In the legal action, the plaintiff, identified only because DH, alleges that he had repeated

Immigration lawsuit: Local Congress members side with Seattle

by Mike Andrew – SGN Staff Writer Both Seattle-area members of Congress announced their support for the City of Seattle in its dispute with the Trump administration over immigration policies. Trump’s Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, threatened to cut off federal funds to cities like Seattle that refuse to play ball with ICE agents seeking to arrest and deport undocumented residents. In response, Seattle has filed suit against the administration. Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal, member of the House Judiciary Committee, issued the following statement in response to Seattle’s decision to file a lawsuit challenging provisions of President Trump’s executive order targeting sanctuary cities: ‘Seattle has been at the forefront of standing up for immigrants for decades. As one of the most welcoming cities in one of the most welcoming states in the country, we understand that our communities are stronger when o

Trump to allow businesses to discriminate against LGBT Americans

by Mike Andrew – SGN Staff Writer Donald Trump has issued an executive order allowing companies that do business with the federal government to discriminate against LGBT Americans. The order, issued March 27, revokes President Obama’s Executive Order 13673 – the ‘Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces’ order – requiring companies receiving large federal contracts to demonstrate that they have complied for at least three years with 14 federal laws, several of which prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender stereotyping, or gender identity. Among the 14 laws included in the Obama-era order are Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Rehabilitation Act, and the Family and Medical Leave Act. Title VII prohibits discrimination based on sex in employment. Under the Obama administration, the Department of Justice (DOJ) and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) argued that di

Ed Murray vs. Jeff Sessions on immigration enforcement Seattle sues Trump administration

by Mike Andrew – SGN Staff Writer The City of Seattle is suing the Trump administration over threats by US Attorney General Jeff Sessions to cut off federal funding to so-called ‘sanctuary cities.’ In its lawsuit, filed March 29, Seattle says that it is acting in accord with federal law and the US Constitution, and that the Trump administration has no cause to deny it federal funds to which it is entitled. At issue is Trump’s Executive Order 13768, which threatened to strip federal funding from sanctuary cities, and Sessions’ reading of US Code 1373, the federal law which says cities cannot block federal authorities from gaining information about an individual’s immigration status. Sessions made a surprise appearance at a March 27 White House press conference to issue an ultimatum to sanctuary cities, including Seattle. ‘The Department of Justice will require that jurisdictions seeking or applying fo

Ed Murray gets a new endorsement and a new opponent

by Mike Andrew – SGN Staff Writer Seattle Mayor Ed Murray got a new endorsement in his bid for re-election and a new opponent, both on March 10. Murray was endorsed by Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson, perhaps his highest-profile backer to date. ‘I am proud to support Mayor Murray’s campaign for re-election,’ Ferguson said in a statement. ‘With the Trump administration threatening our immigrant and refugee families and our transgender students, it is critical that we have local leaders in our cities like Mayor Murray. He has shown he will not be intimidated by the administration’s tactics. Just as Mayor Murray stands with the people of Seattle, I stand with him.’ Other big names who have endorsed Murray include former Gov. Christine Gregoire and former Labor Secretary and current DNC Chair Tom Perez. Also jumping on board the Murray bandwagon were United Food and Commerci

Bisexual identity on the rise?

Another figure suggests more young people are determining as bisexual than as lesbian or gay. In the past identity research that separate out bisexual through lesbian and gay identity have often shown more gay and lesbian individuals than bi people. The UK’ s Office for National Statistics for example when first publishing figures on this question has tended to demonstrate around […]

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