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Arsonist attacks Neighbours nightclub

simply by Shaun Knittel – SGN Relate Editor There are two things that you don’t need to want anywhere near a club. Fire and fuel. They equivalent death. We’ve all read the head lines or watched the video footage of charred bodies coming out of a smoldering club somewhere around the world. In The month of january of last year, a blaze ran through a crowded nightclub in southern Brazil, killing more than 230 individuals as the air filled with deadly smoke cigarettes and panicked party-goers stampeded towards the exits. It was the planet’s deadliest nightclub fire in more than a decade. Nearly half of the five hundred patrons that were inside perished in the fire that was started accidentally any time a member of the band that was performing, lit a firework onstage plus caught the place on fire – which injured another 117 people. In December 2004, the world recoiled in horror as reports of a deadly nightclub fireplace in Argentina emerged. In one of Argentina’s worst disasters, a sparkle ignited

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