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Almost all Purple Everything: #SpiritDay and Magenta Prose Reflections

It seemed like the world turned violet on October 17th. So… do you wear or share violet on Spirit Day?

An unprecedented amount of celebrities (http://www.glaad.org/blog/celebs-showing-support-lgbt-youth-spiritday) and participants took part within celebrating Spirit Day’ s anti-bullying mindset and campaign for peace.


Most notably, the #SpiritDay thought flow on Twitter, experienced a flurry of activity with somewhat minimum and hardly noticeable newsjacking plus hashtag jumping occurring between the many supportive updates and social shares. Unfortunately anti-gay and anti-trans* test their limits was still somewhat present, however the signal-to-noise ratio tipped in favor of the celebrations at hand.


Atlanta, Georgia is home to one of the US’ largest LGBTQ populations. Still, Atlanta Braves fans were not brave (apparently they misunderstood the holiday, when the Atlanta Braves tweeted their support… ) tweets such as this started to set things aright:

Ryan Eades ‏@ryan2499 Stay classy #Braves fans. As a #Nats fan I knew you were jerks, yet I guess we’ ll add hateful bigots to your rep too http://j.mp/1d1UKUX

Here at Gay Agenda, we thought it would be appropriate to continue to share the wonder and joy of the holiday—to continue to amplify Spirit Day’ s positive message.

Here are a few illustrates from the may tweeted #SpiritDay messages and social shares (which continue to be multiplying and streaming as you’ re reading this! ), with a couple of Facebook updates thrown in for good determine.



Randy Roberts Potts’ · Facebook update -October 16 at 9: 26pm ·

Oops, it’ ersus late, but just wanted to remind everyone, especially if you work with or spend time around teens, that tomorrow can be Spirit Day and purple will be the color d’ jour. I’ mirielle not a big fan of all the days you’ re supposed to wear this ribbon or that one but this very day seems different – too many teenagers feel alone and this is an easy way to broadcast to them that they’ re not. I’ ll be speaking at Sam Houston Condition here in Texas and will be wearing our only purple shirt – it’ s actually eggplant, but that will counts, right?

Tammy Powers

A Tran’ ersus Bay Bike Shop / Tammy Powers’ Facebook Update:

(via Tammy’ s personal account. )

“This just happened earlier tonight… One of our shop rats (who’ s 9 years old) has been in a lot lately needing his bike fixed for repeated little crap. So I ask him, “ Demoinet what helps to keep happening to your bike? ” He admits that that he lets his friends borrow his bike and that whenever they borrow it they always return this messed up. He then asks me, “ Tammy, do your friends ever accomplish that to your bike? ” I informed him no way. He had a puzzled look on his face, so I ongoing, “ If and when I let my friends borrow my bike, as I’ m handing the bike to them, I tell them, ‘ You split my bike, I break the face. ’ ” He just viewed me with not much of a reaction. So I continue working on his bicycle. Unbeknownst to me, he has slipped from my shop and just outside our shop in the hallway, I hear his little boy’ s voice… “ You break my bicycle, I break your face. ” He was out there practicing! I was inside my shop laughing my ass away from! He comes back in as I’ m finishing his bike, and thanks me sincerely and states. “ Thanks Tammy, I’ mirielle gonna do that next time. ” Tammy’ s school of anti-bullying. — Feeling Amused. :)



GLAAD ‏@glaad Discuss your #SpiritDay photos and tales with us using the #SpiritDay tag http://glaad.org/spiritday 12: 04 AM – eighteen Oct 13 ·

@TransBound: I am #Bisexual and I feel against bullying. #SpiritDay 10/17/2013! http://tmblr.co/Z8wY6wxwSqBG #TeamBisexual #BiPride #LGBTQ #LGBT

♡Janine Giske♡ | ‏@Josamey44 | @glaad Chuck Taylors all around #SpiritDay Awesome day/event to raise understanding and #StopBullying. Everyday should be #SpiritDay #LGBTYouth

The Whitened House ‏@WhiteHouse 16hRT if you agree no child should have to face lovato because of who they are—then learn how you can help: http://StopBullying.gov #SpiritDayRetweeted by GLAAD

GLAAD ‏@glaad GUEST POST for #SpiritDay: “That’s So Gay” Why Words Issue http://www.glaad.org/blog/guest-post-spiritday-thats-so-gay-why-words-matter … @MauriceJamalC 3: eighteen PM – 17 Oct 13 ·

Little Large Town ‏@LBTmusic 8hFeeling thankful for all of the beauty in life! It takes all kinds of types. -@PhillipSweet #SpiritDay http://glaad.org/spiritday t7: sixteen PM – 17 Oct 13 ·

@chrisbrown Approval is strong. Bullying is weak. Stay strong Team Breezy! #SpiritDay glaad. org/spiritday 5: 37pm · 17 Oct 13 [Chris Brown’s recent childhood abuse situation makes this a surprising and hopeful tweet.]

Mary Lambert @marylambertsing It does get better. But some days it still hurts. I got the back. #SPIRITDAY #GLAAD http://instagram.com/p/fk6iX1LzhZ/

@CakeBossBuddy Join me in going purple for #SpiritDay to stand up against bullying and to support LGBT youth! http://glaad.org/spiritday 8: 11 FEEL – 17 Oct 2013

@MTV We’ ve slipped into something a little more… violet? Celebs like @JENNIWOWW @KeshaSuxx + more rep for #SpiritDay! http://on.mtv.com/GZPEec 8: 30 AM – 17 Oct 2013

Trust Walcott Aine ‏@faith_walcott spiritday was yesterday but same message can be applied today. #STOPBULLYING

@WendyWilliams Bullying is never in style – that’ s why I’ mirielle wearing purple on #SpiritDay 10/17! Join me and take a stand at http://glaad.org/spiritday 7: 02 FEEL – 17 Oct 2013

GLAAD ‏@glaad As #SpiritDay 2013 comes to an end, we hope you bring it’ s message on. http://glaad.org/spiritday 8: 37 PM – 17 Oct 13 ·


“Love will take off masks that we fear we cannot live without and know all of us cannot live within. ”

– James Baldwin [quoted via @Glaad on Spirit Day.]


Though the #SpiritDay celebration hashtag can be slowly fading into more common “school spirit” sentiments, LGBTQ-inclusive spirit lives on! There are many, many more stimulating anti-bullying messages, images, photos and videos to see: type the hashtag #SpiritDay with Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter, and find yourself inspired.

Check out the major Tech companies exactly who showed their support: http://www.glaad.org/blog/tech-giants-stand-against-bullying-show-their-support-spiritday

Find more celebrity support here: http://www.advocate.com/youth/no-more-bullying/2013/10/18/who-wore-purple-spiritday

It’ s not just celebrities who produce positive change and lasting impact. Everyone’ s a star: http://www.glaad.org/blog/hey-its-not-just-celebrities-going-purple-spiritday

Click here to read more about Spirit Trip to GayAgenda. com – http://gayagenda.com/no-more-bullies-wear-share-and-go-purple-on-spiritday-october-17/


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