Main District March Against Violence held on Thursday, July 16

After a wave of shootings and street crime that brought town and police officials to the Main District’s Powell Barnett Park Thursday night night for a community meeting plus a march to ‘take back the neighborhood’ and ‘stop the assault, ‘ Central District residents showed a renewed appreciation for the SPD, its Chief, and the Mayor.

Caitlyn Jenner’s acceptance speech on receiving the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at ESPN’s 2015 ESPY Awards Ceremony

‘Thank you so much. It is so wonderful to be here tonight. Now the last few months have been a whirlwind of so many different experiences and emotions. But to tell you the truth, it seems like every time I turn around in life, I’m putting myself in these high-pressure situations. Competing in the Games, raising a family. But I’ve never felt more pressure than I ever have felt in my life, than over the last couple of months. Picking out this outfit – O.K., girls, I get it! You’ve got to get the shoes, the hair, the make-up, the whole process it was exhausting. And next, the fashion police – please be kind on me, I’m new at this.’ ‘But anyway, and I just want to take a quick shout out to our soccer team that they have absolutely and Ladies, you clean up very well.’ ‘Well, the real truth is that, before just a few weeks … a few months ago I had never met anybody else who was trans, who was like me. I had never met a trans person, never. Now, as you jus

Reporting biphobic hate

This week’ s stories about a biphobic hate incident at a festival in Cardiff being poorly handled by the council’ s stewarding team highlight how difficult reporting biphobic hate can be. One of the ladies at the centre of the so-called “ lesbian kiss” furore told BCN yesterday, “ We weren’ to even snogging, it was literally a couple of pecks on the lips while […]

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Seattle in solidarity with Charleston Nine

by Mike Andrew – SGN Staff Writer More than 1,000 people marched through Seattle on July 7 in solidarity with the city of Charleston, South Carolina, and the nine people gunned down at Emmanuel AME Church. The march, organized by the Seattle NAACP chapter and the Washington Church Leadership Coalition, began at First AME church at 14th Avenue and E. Pine Street (near E. Madison Street), and made its way to Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Park at 2200 MLK Jr Way S. At First AME, hundreds packed into a very hot church hall, including Macklemore, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray, and City Council members Tim Burgess, Bruce Harrell, and Kshama Sawant. The standing room only crowd was offered water by smiling church ladies as speakers expressed anger at the shootings in Charleston mixed with hope for the future of Seattle. ‘We have white people, we have black people, Hispanic people, just saying we’re all here. And even if we d


Join bisexuals, partners, friends and allies marching under the red, purple and blue bi flag at LGBT Pride festivals come early july!

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Step into July and meet bis!

A new month is here now and it’ s the second 1 / 2 of 2015 already (how did that will happen? ) and we’ ve a fistful of bi fulfills this week. On Wednesday it’ t a meetup for Bi Wessex in Southampton at the Arthouse Coffee shop, 78 Above Bar Street, from 7pm. The same night in Edinburgh it’ s Bi & Above from […]

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‘When you have power, you use power.’ SGN EXCLUSIVE: Pride interview with Mayor Ed Murray

by Mike Andrew – SGN Staff Writer As we head toward Pride 2015, it seems like the best of times for Seattle’s LGBT community. Most observers expect the U.S. Supreme Court to rule in favor of marriage equality in the next week or so, and if they do, it will be a popular decision. Some polls show as many as 60% of U.S. voters supporting marriage rights for same-sex couples. Marriage equality passed in this state in 2012, and a comprehensive civil rights law as far back as 2006. Seattle has a Gay mayor, and the man who is mayor – Ed Murray – was instrumental in passing both measures. One thing SGN wanted to know when we talked with Murray was this: Is the LGBT community at the proverbial tipping point, where our progress is now irreversible? ‘As far as Seattle and Washington go, the tipping point has already come and past,’ Murray replied. ‘If the Supreme Court takes it further – if they

LGBT activist launches bid for Port Commission

by Geov Parrish – Special to the SGN Herb Krohn, a co-founder and 12-year board member of Equal Rights Washington and a steering committee member of the Seattle Metropolitan Elections Committee (SEAMEC) since 1986, has emerged as a leading contender for the open Port of Seattle Commission Seat #5, replacing outgoing commissioner (and 2016 GOP gubernatorial hopeful) Bill Bryant. Krohn is the only openly Gay local candidate running for a non-judicial countywide seat in 2015. The Port of Seattle, a public agency overseen by its five-member nonpartisan elected commission, runs both Seattle’s port facilities and SeaTac International Airport. As such, it has a huge role in the region’s economy, as well as touching on many local hot-button issues – from middle-class jobs and a $15/hour minimum wage to environmental controversies to a new basketball arena and Seattle’s disappearing industrial lands. Krohn, 53, comes by his interest in the Po

It’s marriage! Supreme Court rules for equality

by Mike Andrew – SGN Staff Writer Obergefell v. Hodges is now as historic as USA v. Windsor (2013), Lawrence v. Texas (2003), and Loving v. Virginia (1967). The U.S. Supreme Court – in a 5-4 decision written by Justice Anthony Kennedy – ruled on June 26 that Gay and Lesbian couples have a constitutional right to marriage. The date itself is significant. June 26 is the anniversary of the Windsor decision striking down DOMA, and the Lawrence ruling striking down a Texas sodomy law. The Obergefell decision means that all 50 states must allow same-sex couples to marry. The court majority did not take the easy out of ruling that states must recognize legal marriages but need not allow them in their jurisdictions. For James Obergefell, the decision brings some vindication, finally allowing him to be listed as the spouse of John Arthur on Arthur’s death certificate. Obergefell and Arthur had been partners f

Wembley Arch to light up like a rainbow for Pride In London

Iconic structure will get a makeover for Pride in association with Coca-Cola

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Is ANY sexual desire a “choice”?

Sexual orientation has a strong physiological component. It appears to be influenced by both genetic and hormonal factors.

• The trait is similar to being left or right-handed; the genetic influence on
both traits is estimated at less than 50%; and both seem to be established at an early age or before birth.

• A same-sex orientation is held by approximately 3-5% of the world’s population. There are twice as many homosexual males as females.

• Sexual orientation is a complex trait which appears to have multiple
mechanisms acting upon it. It is unlikely that there is a single cause,
although it is quite clear that the primary roots of the trait lie in biology.

• Gay men and lesbians are more likely than straight men and women to be left-handed. Since hand preference can be observed in the womb, this suggests a prenatal influence.

• Gay men’s object location memory skills exceed that of straight men. Gay men’s skill level in this involuntary indicator of brain organization between the sexes approaches that of straight women.

• Both lesbians and gay men outperform heterosexual men and women in verbal fluency from early childhood.

How can you explain it?

Which sexual orientations are “ok”?

"All of this logic goes for the sexual paraphilias, too, which are primary patterns of arousal that lie outside the norm. The paraphilias, of course, are less tolerated as a whole than simply being gay, straight, or bi, and we argue over which groups get to use the term sexual orientation, but I see no rational reason not to regard the paraphilias as their own distinct sexual orientations."

"“I don’t ‘hate’ gay people,” they say. “I just disagree with them, that’s all.” By “disagreeing,” either you’re willfully ignoring the obvious fact that sexual orientation is not a choice (which indeed makes you a bigot), or you’re simply unable to grasp the obvious fact that sexual orientation is not a choice (which makes you stupid)."

Great comments from Jesse Bering