Seattle Volleyball Club hosts Thirst Seattle NAGVA Championships May 21-24

33rd Annual North American Gay Volleyball Association Championships to draw 1,500+ athletes and fans to Seattle this weekend Seattle Volleyball Club is hosting Thirst Seattle, the 33rd Annual North American Gay Volleyball Association (NAGVA) Championships, May 21st thru 24th at the CenturyLink Field Event Center (1000 Occidental Ave. S.). 136 teams from all over North America, and as far away as Puerto Rico and Hawaii, are meeting in Seattle to compete for the ultimate prize, the NAGVA Championship Trophy and bragging rights for the next year of competition. A full week of camaraderie, competition and events are planned, with 1,500+ athletes and fans converging on Seattle to play volleyball, and to also dine, drink, shop, sightsee, and enjoy our diverse Seattle night life, all while vacationing here in our beautiful city. The weekend of events and competition officially kickoff May 21st, but many of the athletes will be arriving earlier as they begin their

Insider’s view: Mikey Wien reveals almost all on Austria’s Pink Lake

With all eye on Austria for this weekend’s Eurovision Song Contest Final, Mikey informs GSN about the country’s other LGBTI calendar highlight

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No real surprise: bi teens more likely to get pregnant

Research from the USA based on interviewing bisexual and gay teenagers in Ny suggests bi and gay teens are more likely to get pregnant, or get a partner pregnant, than is the case among young heterosexuals. The findings reinforce recent research from Canada. The American Journal of Public Health report found that – of […]

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Sawant commands first District 3 candidate forum – Other candidates find it difficult to find their voice

by Mike Andrew — SGN Staff Writer Incumbent Town Council member Kshama Sawant instructed the stage at the first candidate forum in the District 3 Town Council race on May 12. The new District 3 takes in Capitol Hill, the Central District, Leschi, Madrona, Madison Park, and Montlake neighborhoods. Sawant is being challenged simply by former Equal Rights Washington executive director Rod Hearne, Urban Little league president Pamela Banks, Seattle Can certainly Commission member Morgan Beach, and retired reporter Leon Carter. In her opening speech Sawant threw down the gauntlet for the evening, taking credit for Seattle’s $15 per hour minimum wage, for voting straight down massive rent hikes at Seattle Housing Authority properties, and for the City Council resolution opposing Arctic oil drilling. She then determined income inequality as the main problem dealing with Seattle, and promised to overcome it with a program of lease control, maximum

New HIV breakthrough: Implants can solve adherence problem

by Mike Andrew – SGN Staff writer Scientists at Oak Crest Institute of Science in Pasadena say they have developed a subdermal implant that can deliver antiretroviral drugs. Their finding is published in the latest issue of Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy. The implant is said to be about the size of a matchstick, and can deliver a controlled and sustained release of anti-HIV drugs for up to 40 days with no adverse side effects. Tests have so far been done only with dogs, with human testing to follow. ‘To our knowledge this is the first implant to be used for this purpose,’ said Oak Crest founder and president Dr. Marc Baum. ‘This novel device will revolutionize how we treat or prevent HIV/AIDS as it delivers powerful HIV-stopping drugs and eliminates one of the key obstacles in HIV/AIDS prevention – adherence to proper dosing regimens,’ he added. Although daily doses of antiretrovirals can help

Listed here are the 14 things you have to do within Riga

Heading to the capital of Latvia? Include these things to your ‘to-do’ list…

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Fulfill other bis this week

Want to get out and meet some other bi people? There are lots of bi groups conference around the country this week. Tuesday sees the May meeting of Bristol BiVisible at Cafe Kino, Stokes Croft. 7pm: look for the violet teapot. Also that night in London it’ s pub based meetup Bisexual Underground at the Blue […]

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National Faith Leaders Sign Letter Urging Lawmakers to Reject Anti-LGBT Discrimination Bills Cloaked Falsely in ‘Religious Freedom’

Also Call for Laws Prohibiting Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity WASHINGTON D.C. – On Wednesday, April 29, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Foundation, the educational arm of the nation’s largest Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) civil rights organization, announced that 17 national religious leaders, from California to the nation’s capital, added their names to a historic statement calling for an end to ‘religious refusal’ bills that allow discrimination against LGBT people. ‘Today, leaders from different faith traditions – and from across the country – join in condemning legislation that uses religion to divide people into ‘us’ vs. ‘them’ – bills that can only lead to discrimination,’ said Jeff Krehely, Vice President and Chief Foundation Officer at HRC. ‘By speaking in a unified voice, these leaders are setting an example of inclusion, and sounding the alarm on how these discriminatory bills are harmf

Fabuloso! Is this the world’s first dialects school for LGBTIs?

We’re lost intended for words

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Financial institution Holiday week bi meets

Want to get out and meet a few other bi people? Monday’ s a Bank Holiday but Tuesday views the main May meeting of Manchester bi group BiPhoria, at the LGBT Foundation building, 5 Richmond Road M1 3HF. Be there on 7. 30pm sharp for the brand new members’ introduction space. Wednesday through 7pm it’ s Edinburgh Bi & Beyond, […]

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Is ANY sexual desire a “choice”?

Sexual orientation has a strong physiological component. It appears to be influenced by both genetic and hormonal factors.

• The trait is similar to being left or right-handed; the genetic influence on
both traits is estimated at less than 50%; and both seem to be established at an early age or before birth.

• A same-sex orientation is held by approximately 3-5% of the world’s population. There are twice as many homosexual males as females.

• Sexual orientation is a complex trait which appears to have multiple
mechanisms acting upon it. It is unlikely that there is a single cause,
although it is quite clear that the primary roots of the trait lie in biology.

• Gay men and lesbians are more likely than straight men and women to be left-handed. Since hand preference can be observed in the womb, this suggests a prenatal influence.

• Gay men’s object location memory skills exceed that of straight men. Gay men’s skill level in this involuntary indicator of brain organization between the sexes approaches that of straight women.

• Both lesbians and gay men outperform heterosexual men and women in verbal fluency from early childhood.

How can you explain it?

Which sexual orientations are “ok”?

"All of this logic goes for the sexual paraphilias, too, which are primary patterns of arousal that lie outside the norm. The paraphilias, of course, are less tolerated as a whole than simply being gay, straight, or bi, and we argue over which groups get to use the term sexual orientation, but I see no rational reason not to regard the paraphilias as their own distinct sexual orientations."

"“I don’t ‘hate’ gay people,” they say. “I just disagree with them, that’s all.” By “disagreeing,” either you’re willfully ignoring the obvious fact that sexual orientation is not a choice (which indeed makes you a bigot), or you’re simply unable to grasp the obvious fact that sexual orientation is not a choice (which makes you stupid)."

Great comments from Jesse Bering