Give food to your wanderlust: 9 mind-blowing Hard anodized cookware landscapes you’ll never forget

All of us delve into the back catalogue of surroundings and travel photographer Weerapong Chaipuck

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Body Worn-Cameras: Will they increase police accountability?

by Shaun Knittel – SGN Associate Editor On January 24, from 9:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. at New Holly Gathering Hall (7054 32nd Ave South) a panel presentation and community discussion hosted by The Seattle Community Police Commission (CPC) is scheduled for body-worn cameras on Seattle police officers. According to the event’s invite, ‘In light of recent national incidents and the Seattle Police Department’s kick-off of a body-worn camera pilot project, many questions have emerged from the community. This event is intended to inform the public about what body cameras are, the policies and laws that surround them, and to spark discussion about how they should be used and whether they will, in fact, increase police accountability.’ Panelists include: Jay Hollingsworth, Chair, John T. Williams Organizing Committee; Marissa Johnson and Dan Bash, Outside Agitators 206; Andrew Myerberg, Assistant City Attorney, Seattle City Attorney’s Office; J

Waiting for SCOTUS – Marriage cases in limbo till high court rules

by Mike Andrew – SGN Staff Writer Pending litigation on the rights of Gay and Lesbian couples to marry has been put on hold after the U.S. Supreme Court’s January 16 announcement that it will hear appeals from same-sex couples in four states under the Sixth Circuit Court’s jurisdiction. [NOTE: SCOTUS is an acronym for the Supreme Court of the United States.] Bucking the national trend, the Sixth Circuit ruled in November that same-sex couples do not have a right to marry. Since other circuit courts had ruled in favor of marriage equality, hearing the appeals from the Sixth Circuit – and settling the issue once and for all – was a logical step for the high court. ‘We are now that much closer to being fully recognized as a family, and we are thrilled,’ plaintiff April DeBoer said. ‘This opportunity for our case to be heard by the Supreme Court gives us and families like ours so much reason to be hopeful.’ Nevertheless

#Trailblazer: James Dreyfuss: ‘I was known as a “weird looking fruit” in Texas’

Previous Gimme Gimme Gimme star plus out gay actor on his travel heaven and hell, from Bombay to the USA

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Meet bis this week

Want to get out and meet some other bis hin zu? We have plenty of bi meets in our diary around the country in the next few days! Monday night in London it’s the Over 50s bi group from 6pm-8pm at AgeUK, Tavis House, Tavistock Square, London. WC1H 9NA. Tuesday night time has three meets. Third Way meet in Wolverhampton at […]

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Federal judge orders Michigan to recognize 300 same-sex marriages

by Mike Andrew – SGN Staff Author A federal judge has ordered the state of Michigan to recognize some 300 same-sex marriages that were performed after the state’s relationship ban was struck down plus before the ruling was stayed by the Sixth Circuit Court of Is attractive. In a January 15 ruling, U. S. District Judge Mark Goldsmith said that the marriages were legitimately performed and the couples have a ‘fundamental right’ to state recognition. ‘In these types of circumstances, what the state has became a member of together, it may not put asunder, ‘ Goldsmith wrote, paraphrasing a biblical verse that condemns those who breakup marriages. The case involved a lawsuit submitted by eight same-sex couples that got married last March after a federal judge struck down Michigan’s prohibit on same-sex marriage. The next day, the Sixth Circuit put the judge’s decision on hold. About 300 lovers were married before the appellate courtroom stepped in to

Becoming a parent and staying bi-visible

I am not out as bisexual in the world of the yummy mummy. My baby hides me in a closet filled with heteronormative assumptions. Think having a good opposite-sex partner makes your bisexuality invisible? Try taking a child together with you everywhere too! I have no purpose of opening that door as I need the company and […]

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Gay Star Travel Expo 2015: plan of events revealed…

One-stop travel shop takes place on London’s Heaven nightclub this Sunday (17 Jan)

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Fortification Lauderdale plans mass wedding designed for Gay couples – Bigots drag into court to stop Florida marriages but determine gives go ahead

by Mike Toby – SGN Staff Writer The Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention and Visitors Bureau will invite at least one hundred Gay and Lesbian couples to marry on the beach sometime this winter. The actual date for the event has not been announced. On December 19 the U. S. Supreme Court turned down Fl Attorney General Pam Bondi’s ask for to stay a federal court ruling that will same-sex marriages may begin on The month of january 6. In a statement to the Fortification Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel newspaper, the chief executive of the tourism bureau said the quantity 100 will honor Broward Region, Florida’s centennial celebration. ‘We’re going to pull out all the stops, just like a very pleased father does when their child marries, ‘ Nicki Grossman said. Gay tourists are ‘a very devoted and important part of our destination, ‘ she added. The wedding extravaganza is just the first of many gay-marriage actions planned in Broward, a pioneer

These 14 things will make you see the fantastic in 2014

From love letters in the sky to cheeky digs at Putin – this was 2014

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Is ANY sexual desire a “choice”?

Sexual orientation has a strong physiological component. It appears to be influenced by both genetic and hormonal factors.

• The trait is similar to being left or right-handed; the genetic influence on
both traits is estimated at less than 50%; and both seem to be established at an early age or before birth.

• A same-sex orientation is held by approximately 3-5% of the world’s population. There are twice as many homosexual males as females.

• Sexual orientation is a complex trait which appears to have multiple
mechanisms acting upon it. It is unlikely that there is a single cause,
although it is quite clear that the primary roots of the trait lie in biology.

• Gay men and lesbians are more likely than straight men and women to be left-handed. Since hand preference can be observed in the womb, this suggests a prenatal influence.

• Gay men’s object location memory skills exceed that of straight men. Gay men’s skill level in this involuntary indicator of brain organization between the sexes approaches that of straight women.

• Both lesbians and gay men outperform heterosexual men and women in verbal fluency from early childhood.

How can you explain it?

Which sexual orientations are “ok”?

"All of this logic goes for the sexual paraphilias, too, which are primary patterns of arousal that lie outside the norm. The paraphilias, of course, are less tolerated as a whole than simply being gay, straight, or bi, and we argue over which groups get to use the term sexual orientation, but I see no rational reason not to regard the paraphilias as their own distinct sexual orientations."

"“I don’t ‘hate’ gay people,” they say. “I just disagree with them, that’s all.” By “disagreeing,” either you’re willfully ignoring the obvious fact that sexual orientation is not a choice (which indeed makes you a bigot), or you’re simply unable to grasp the obvious fact that sexual orientation is not a choice (which makes you stupid)."

Great comments from Jesse Bering