Gay and lesbian rights activist fundraising to help anti-gay bakery owners pay their US$150, 000 fine

Matt Stolhandske, a member of a pro-marriage equality Alfredia group, is appealing to the LGBTI community to help pay the fine two Portland-based Christian bakery proprietors received for refusing to make a wedding cake for a lesbian couple

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Federal government judge hears marriage equality situation in Wyoming

CASPER, WYOMING — On Thursday, October 17, U. S. District Court Judge Scott W. Skavdahl of the District associated with Wyoming heard arguments in the challenge to the State of Wyoming’s refusal to permit same-sex couples to get married to and to respect the legal marriages of same-sex couples who wedded in other states. Judge Skavdahl declared that he will issue his ruling by 5: 00 p. m., Mon, October 20th. The case was through Wyoming Equality and four same-sex couples who requested an immediate order directing state officials to adhere to two decisions of the U. S i9000. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit establishing that a state’s refusal to allow same-sex couples to get married to violates the U. S. Metabolism. The U. S. Supreme Courtroom, on October 6, let those people appeals court decisions stand, which means that all states within the Tenth Circuit, including Wyoming, must comply with those people decisions. The plaintiff couples are usually Anne Guzzo and Bonnie Johnson of Laramie, Carl Oleson and

Gay and lesbian Republican congressional candidate Carl DeMaio accused of sexual harassment by gay ex-staffer

Carl DeMaio, who could end up being the first openly gay Republican actually elected to the United States Congress, refuses groping, harassing and masturbating in front of his former aide

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Looking ahead to BiCon…

Latest from your BiCon Team BiCon takes place at Leeds Trinity University in the beautiful (and large) village of Horsforth from 31st July until the second August. Whilst residential bookings have now closed, there are day tickets accessible throughout BiCon. Session ideas are usually coming in, and the slots are filling nicely. If you have […]

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Dominoes fall after SCOTUS rejects marriage appeals

by Mike Andrew – SGN Staff Writer State officials scrambled to respond to the U.S. Supreme Court’s surprise announcement that it was denying review in seven pending marriage appeals. The October 6 ruling effectively increased the number of states where same-sex marriage is legal from 19 to 30. While most states said they would comply with the high court’s apparent intention to stand by lower court rulings legalizing Gay and Lesbian marriages, some officials did so only reluctantly and a few said they would fight to the bitter end to block marriage equality. The day after the Supreme Court announcement, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in marriage cases in Nevada and Idaho, again saying that same-sex couples have an equal right to marry. ‘We hold that the Idaho and Nevada laws at issue violate the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment because they deny lesbians and gays who wish to marry persons o

Brazil: Most dangerous country in the world for Gays?

by Mike Andrew – SGN Staff Writer What is the most dangerous country in the world for LGBT folks? You might answer Uganda, where parliament was considering a law to execute ‘habitual’ Gays. Or Zimbabwe, where the president regularly compares Gays to dogs and pigs. Or Russia, where neo-Nazis gangs lure young Gay men into ambushes, and laws forbid people even to say they are Gay or Lesbian. Very few people would say Brazil. Yet Brazil has the highest rate of LGBT murders in the world, according to a group of Brazilian activists who tracked anti-Gay hate crimes this year. The Gay Group of Bahia compiled hate crime data from January 1 through September 29, sifting through police records and news reports, since there is no official reporting of anti-Gay hate crimes as a separate category of crime. They found that at least 216 LGBT people had been murdered in Brazil in the first three quarters of the year.

Waiting for SCOTUS: Why no news may be good news

by Mike Andrew – SGN Staff Writer The U.S. Supreme Court passed up its first chance to accept one or more marriages cases for their current term. The high court listed seven marriage suits from five states as cases that it might possibly accept for hearings. They were discussed at the court’s September 29 conference, but none made the initial list of cases that the justices decided to hear. That list was announced October 2. The court is not required to hear any cases that come to it on appeal from lower courts. Typically, the justices will agree to take cases where there are important legal principles involved, and a Supreme Court decision is required to set a national legal standard. To date, all but one of the federal district courts that have ruled on same-sex marriage have decided that bans on Gay and Lesbian marriages are unconstitutional. That one, in Louisiana, is currently on appeal before the Fifth U.S. Ci

Your guide to LGBTI Prides and events in October

Gay film festivals in Sweden and Scotland, a pride parade in Japan and a few prides for LGBTI individuals of color in the US are just some of the October events you should know about

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We win two: Seventh Circuit strikes Indiana and Wisconsin marriage bans

by Mike Andrew – SGN Staff Writer The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals handed the LGBT community two victories with a September 4 ruling striking down same-sex marriage bans in Indiana and Wisconsin. As expected, the three-judge panel ruled unanimously that laws prohibiting same-sex marriage violate the equal protection and due process clauses of the U.S. Constitution. Their deliberations took only nine days – unusually quick for an appeals court. Writing for the court, Judge Richard Posner reprised the scathing critique of marriage bans he debuted during oral arguments. ‘The only rationale that the states put forth with any conviction – that same-sex couples and their children don’t need marriage because same-sex couples can’t produce children, intended or unintended – is so full of holes that it cannot be taken seriously,’ he wrote. ‘Because homosexuality is not a voluntary condition and homosexual

Heading down in September: LGBTI Prides and parties

Bears upon Ice, Gay Oktoberfest and a Portuguese gay film festival are just a few of the September LGBTI events you should know about

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Is ANY sexual desire a “choice”?

Sexual orientation has a strong physiological component. It appears to be influenced by both genetic and hormonal factors.

• The trait is similar to being left or right-handed; the genetic influence on
both traits is estimated at less than 50%; and both seem to be established at an early age or before birth.

• A same-sex orientation is held by approximately 3-5% of the world’s population. There are twice as many homosexual males as females.

• Sexual orientation is a complex trait which appears to have multiple
mechanisms acting upon it. It is unlikely that there is a single cause,
although it is quite clear that the primary roots of the trait lie in biology.

• Gay men and lesbians are more likely than straight men and women to be left-handed. Since hand preference can be observed in the womb, this suggests a prenatal influence.

• Gay men’s object location memory skills exceed that of straight men. Gay men’s skill level in this involuntary indicator of brain organization between the sexes approaches that of straight women.

• Both lesbians and gay men outperform heterosexual men and women in verbal fluency from early childhood.

How can you explain it?

Which sexual orientations are “ok”?

"All of this logic goes for the sexual paraphilias, too, which are primary patterns of arousal that lie outside the norm. The paraphilias, of course, are less tolerated as a whole than simply being gay, straight, or bi, and we argue over which groups get to use the term sexual orientation, but I see no rational reason not to regard the paraphilias as their own distinct sexual orientations."

"“I don’t ‘hate’ gay people,” they say. “I just disagree with them, that’s all.” By “disagreeing,” either you’re willfully ignoring the obvious fact that sexual orientation is not a choice (which indeed makes you a bigot), or you’re simply unable to grasp the obvious fact that sexual orientation is not a choice (which makes you stupid)."

Great comments from Jesse Bering